Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This semi wonderful Wednesday

So i didnt even have to go to school at first. i got to miss the first two hours because of a dentist appointment. yay for that. i got to miss p.e. and i even told kiristin that ms hull was probably going to start basketball. when i got to school and walked past the gyms, 3rd period was doing basketball. yay for that. i hate basketball {sorry morgan. i love watching it though it just sucks when you uncordonated and short....} and ya. so then i get into band and me, mike, and berto have fun.... once again doing the 'thats what she said' to everything siggard had said. like 'give it to me!!!' haha it was pretty awesome. then school went on... english and spanish. when school got out i just did my normal thing of go see everyone where we always are. then i went home, got lazy. hehe. ummm so i was going to just ride my bike to work {over at the pool, teaching swim lessons for little people...hehe} but my sister was like 'just call lurpe!!' but i wouldnt cause i dont wanna be annoying and bum rides off him. but she texted him and i gave in to letting him take me. so work was awesome. jenni ellsworth and i share the first little class and then i got my own class. {try teaching kids 3-6 years old how to swim... not easy} but i had fun like berto said i would. cause im apparently good with the little kids. hehe. so ya. came home, did chores, ate, and here i am once again blogging. so ya. good night! muah!!!!!
love, randalynn

Things That Remind Me of.... Jimi Kendrix

basketball games
'i like blood...'
happy birthday balloons
500 free
innnocent little animals
'making babies'
ok ok dont worry... ill think of more and put them on there...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Things That Remind Me Of... Berto

the F song
'panda hair'
video games
guitar club
'thats what she said'
special hugs
super fans
aqua teen hunger force
g chord
breaking a g string...
{^guitar sicko^}
the hate list
nacho libre trip
bato auto
if you know what i mean
you might be from...
redneck rocket launcher
you tube
teen girl squad
strong bad
touching faces
berto... marie!
hair down
extra elastics
ok so if i think of anymore.. ill add them.
i love you berto!
love, randalynn

i {heart} swimming

today i actually went swimming again. it freaking rocked my world. and it was pretty easy. all together we did 1800 yards which is pretty much a becca WARM-UP. haha. so ya this week is actually progressing to a better week. i got a job at the pool as a swimming lesson instructor. yay for randi being able to swim and small children... not being able to? idk. so ya i get to start that tomorrow. im excited but nervous. and ya. thats all i got on that subject... o ya. the next person that im doing the 'what reminds me of...' is probably going to be beto. cause i love him so much and he deserves it. ya gosh people...
Love, Randalynn

Monday, February 26, 2007

Pretty Crappy Monday

so today just has been one of those days. school was way way long. i got told i looked emo 4 times today just because i put a little more make-up on my eyes and wore my sister's nightmare before christmas jacket. but its kinda ok {other than im not emo} but ive been more depressed. last night was a night where you start talking about someone {you would know who if you know me enough} and you feel like your head is gonna explode. well ya. that was last night. i didnt get off msn till around midnight or so and finally didnt get to sleep till around 2. so wonderful 4 hours of sleep i got. woohoo for me. sad and ultra tired. just about the highlights of my day were: learning ju-jit-su in p.e. and my mom coming home from the store with a new 12 pack of cherry coke.
i dunno why but im stuck in the past with that one kid. he cant seem to find his way OUT of my head. thoughts of him are like a swarm of wasps. you try to kill them one by one then by dozens but they never seem to die. they just crawl back in like nothing happened. impossible to kill and unbearable to live with. they sting and make you wanna kill yourself but they arent enough damage to do so. they help each other grow and grow until they drive you insane.

the little thoughts keep me sane
but its the bunch of the little thoughts that bring on the pain
much love to anyone that actually is going to read this

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Things that remind me of...Britta Marie

Ok Britta. You wanted this and it was you that made me think of making these lists so ok here it goes:

guitar club
whores in byu
super fan
'randi's easy!"
peach fights
giant scary blow up pumpkins
identifying shapes in the ceiling
air hockey
'shake and bake'
the slap hand game
the alicia laugh
{i dunno how to spell her name!}
thinking of movies in the final fantasy movie
falling up/down lurpe's stairs
mtn. dew
the 'drug' shoes
chuck norris valentine cards
"guess what this reminds me of?""what? enano?" "no your face"
"im all in" "three of a kind... sucker!"
help me help me help me help me help me help me
"all you need is love"
blues clues songs
dora song
laughing like it was 2 am, at midnight
falling asleep while he played command and conquer
remind me lists
well thats all i got for now. its like midnight and im tired. i love you all and to all a goodnight. {randi}

joining the 'blog family'

so i love to blog... and have 1651354735418622 blogs on myspace and erin told me to just ditch myspace blog and join you guys so here i go... woohoo for me. ok well hi everyone/ bye everyone. muah {randi}