Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunshine Parties and Red Lipstick

So this weekend was nice. It made me realize how close summer is... and I'm loving every second of it. I got to wear a tank top and shorts today and never felt cold the entire day. I loved the fact that I had to wear sun screen and that my neck is turning into a nice tan. hehe. Ok so...

Friday: I had to work which was lame but then afterwords me and Erin went park hopping. Haha ended up that the park we wanted to go to was the Charleston park, where the chamber choir was having a little party. Haha. So ya. right as we got there Lurpe was leaving so we played with bubbles with Jessica Anderson, Blake Hoover, and Scot... o wow i dont even know if his last name is Wilson... oh well. So ya. That was fun. So then Erin dropped me off at Dairy Keen to meet up with Spiva and Mike. Lurpe later came. We went to the tunnel and lit off some fireworks and then went to Erin's house to watch a movie. Lurpe stayed upstairs to watch soccer so i told him that i was gonna cuddle with Spiva. haha. I didnt end up cuddling with him but just sitting on his lap. And everyone there {mostly just Erin} kept calling me a whore. But no lie... everytime Spiva put his arms around me, I felt so wrong... I could barely handle it. So ya. At 11 Lurpe and I went home. el fin de viernes
Saturday: well i had to clean since i got to come home at 11 instead of 10 on friday. that was till 1 when i had to go to work once again. but i just got to sit there while people had fun in the pool... pretty much i was jealous. then at 4 i went home and cleaned/helped my dad with the boat. {which is awesome so far. he is pretty much rebuilding everything; the engine, the seats, and soon it'll be repainted} then around 7 Lurpe came to pick me up to go to Fuzz'z party. {haha i liked the 'z... that was kinda a typo but im keeping it} So ya it was lame for a while till around 8 then Hannah and Jeb showed up and not too long after, the bands started playing. No one was bad. The first band was low scream and then Midway Lane {which Lurpe is in the process of coming into} was good. I met Spencer {dont even know his last name, but he was pretty much gorgous. haha I was agreeing with Lurpe when he said that he was pretty much gorgous. haha} So ya Lurpe said that I would like him, which I did. He's a pretty kool kid, funny, plays drums for Midway Lane. So ya. Went home... then i found out Britta Marie was having a bonfire so my parents let me go over there for a little bit where we had some pretty interesting and funny conversations. Haha. So once again went home then slept. El fin de sabado
Sunday: Nothing. Really warm. Had to stay home instead of going with Berto to Provo or even going with Lurpe to go boating with Trent if Lurpe's parents werent lame. So ya cleaned more with my mom, lounged around the house, called Lurpe and told him yet another lame unicorn story which he thought was just stupid, took cute pics {like the one at the top of this blog}... the usual randi is bored day. So ya. Thats pretty much it. You should go over to myspace, check out my new profile and my new pictures and comment them.

Much ♥
♥ Randalynn

Thursday, April 26, 2007

You Were Always On My Mind

So finding the songs you grew up with and forgot... are pretty much the best to find. When you find those songs and they seem to go with everything you feel... is even better. There have been three that I keep finding and describe my mood at that moment: Around Monday it was Do what you have to do by Sarah Mclachlan. Then around Tuesday and Wednesday it was Into the Ocean by Blue October. And today, on this once beautiful sunny warm day was You were always on my mind by the Pet Shop Boys. The band I pretty much grew up. If you actually listen to them you pretty much got two gold stars from me... hehe.

Oh yes... Happy Birthday Hannah! If I am the only one that blogged today AND said happy birthday to you... I think that deserves a gold star for me... hehe. One cause I havent really been slacking on the blog department. Jeeze guys. Well who knows... maybe there is a new blog from someone in the blog family. I dunno... I'll go check after I get done.

Well yes anywho... 'You were always on my mind' is pretty much the best song right now. You should go look up the lyrics to that... its pretty good. I guess you could look up the other songs if you really wanted to... I dunno... hey I'll make it easy for you: there is the website. how freaking easy is that? haha.

Well Happy 17th Birthday to Hannah! I love you!
Love to all...

"Tell me, tell me that your sweet love hasnt died, Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied"- Pet Shop Boys {You were always on my mind}

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sometimes I wonder...

So a lot of things have happened lately... and I would just like to update on things.

I am not breaking up with Neil. Today he kinda seemed effy... like something is going to happen. But if so... ugh... well... I guess Berto and I were right about things about him. Another thing... sorry to the people that got SO upset about me knowing who likes Neil now. Over dramatic to the max... ugh. So I was in spanish, talking to Shaylee and Joy... who know pretty much the whole deal right now... and their advice was the best taken. That is of course... why is everyone making such a HUGE deal about it. People don't always get what they want. Joy even said to me "I've liked guys that ended up going with other girls. Its high school! Its not such a big deal!" That pretty much sums up spanish class today. And some more good advice taken from Berto... to just listen to myself... everyone has been advicing like crazy and all its really doing for me is confusing me. I know you guys are trying to help... I appreciate it... but I'm okay now. I can do this.
I love Neil... And I'm sorry if your that person that likes him... I love you too... but I do love him.

I don't even know what to say that wouldn't hurt you. But I don't think anything in this could have hurt you as much as Tyler's list about 'her' did when I really liked him...

I dunno. I wish that people weren't so upset about this all. Most people are making such a huge deal out of everything... and blaming other people and whatnot. Im just sick of the world right now...

I hope not everyone hates me right now for all this...

Not really love... Except for a few people...... the ones that understand...

"You make me so happy, yet frusturated... I love you... but sometimes I wonder if you love me too..."

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Reason Jars are Smashed

  • Knowing your the reason jars are hard
  • Knowing thats the reason your best friends wanna empty the harder
  • Helping empty the jars and realizing it later... is the hardest to take

Yesterday... Prom. So here is how it went down for me:
Britta, Berto, and I go for a bike ride. We go to the thift store and Britta found an awesome sweater vest. {Saw Mr Carr there} Then we ride around some more and realize Erin is getting her hair done. So we go over to her aunt's salon and see her. She looked amazing and even more amazing when she modeled the dress for us. :D happyness. So then we dont know where to go. We end up going to Britta's house for a drink and eat salsa {that we ate it all... and now the jar is empty} and listen to a song Britta wanted Berto to listen to. Then we depart and head for the valley hills sign. {Seeing Mr Carr in his car on the way} We sit there for a little bit. {I think seeing Mike's mom this time} We get bored and just ride a little bit. Gritton pulls on the side of the road and talks to us a bit. He leaves for Kings and we go too. {Me and Britta wanted sidewalk chalk} We just look around the toys playing around and talking to Gritton. Then we go back upstairs where we have the best moment of the day... {haha Berto, Britta... You know} Lets just say me and Britta were mistaken when Berto says 'Mine kinda really sucks a lot'.... haha. Anyways. We leave go to go my house and relax a bit. I looked at pictures on this dvd my dad made and Berto and Britta somewhat did too... haha. {oh and the same ones i was showing Brady and Jeb} It finally is like 6:30 so we leave to the high school to watch promenade... me and Britta were just about hyperventalating cause everyone looks SO GORGOUS!!!! ahhhh!!! Seeing Morgan, Nathaniel, Neil, Hannah, Mike, Jeb, Tyler, Jake... ahhh and Erin! haha {Oh and thought to point out: Seeing Mr Carr once again walking down the stairs to see everyone} So me, Berto, and Britta leave to subway to get them food and get me a drink. {WHERE WE ALSO SAW FREAKING MR CARR} hahahaha. So ya... we leave our bikes at bertos and takes us home cause britta was tired and i wasnt feeling good.

That was pretty much my night last night.. yay for prom?
Not really.
Yay for having the best 'prom' dates?
Indeed. I ♥ my berto and my britta!

Hope you had an awesome time... everyone else. :D
♥ Randalynn
{aka the reason jars are smashed}

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

ps. I ate all the pudding the guys left at my house the other night... yum... i ♥ pudding.
So when im all sad and stuff {hopefully i wont be.. but just in case} can i have pudding?
... Instead of ice cream? :D haha

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day of wonder... for some they say

So its about 12:30 in the morning of the day of prom. I had some people over at my house and watched anger management... it ended at like 11:30 and everyone slowly left till spiva got up aroun 12:10 or so... so ya that was fun. hahahaha jeb, spiva, and i looked at this dvd my dad made of all the digital pics he has taken and it was quite funny when we got to the boating ones... hehe. lets just say i have a stripper aunt and like a 12 year old dad {well thats how he acts... dont worry...haha that would be weird if my dad was 12.. and im 16 haha} so ya fun with that...haha

Im pretty sure everyone knows that im not single anymore. And if you dont know that by now... where the hell have you been? basically... haha so ya. Some people are upset with me... and him... but meh. {and if you dont know where the meh came from... really? where have you been?} so ya i got one of my loves back...

but my other love... only 1 month for parks and rec swimming, 2 months for swim camp, and 5 months for high school swimming to start. I miss it so much and i hope everyone in our group of friends trys out for the team if there really is going to be try outs this year...

ummm... ya so i found this today... for those of you that go to my myspace page frequently and/or watched pulse with us... ya... this is pretty much my favorite song and that movie...
i thought it was pretty sweet and now everytime i hear this song i think of hiding under a bed to hide from ghosts that suck your will to live out of your face. hahaha.... well ya. thats all i got. <<<<<< so ya watch that...haha

O and Have fun all you people going to prom! {You probably had the fun while your reading this but we can pretend that secretly and not knowing... you heard me say "Have fun at prom!" before you went on your date... i promise... i said it to you... you just dont know it}

Much ♥
♥ randalynn

quote of me lately: sometimes... in situtations like these... you realize who your true friends are... and who the ones you really love are...

most ♥ 2: Berto, Britta, Tyler, Erin, and probably more... but im sorry that im a whore...
i love you guys with all my heart and im still hanging out with all of you...

  • berto... we should still have sunday drives... but i dunno if my parents are gonna trust me... ill make sure they know i wont be with neil but with you... but we'll talk like we used to. it was always nice to be able to have someone to talk to without being mad at
  • britta... the dorius' backyard still has to happen, and our "prom" is gonna rock. we need to hang out more since there is a house between ours! {and that fact makes it pretty pethitic that ive been to your house like twice and youve only been to mine a few times...ugh}
  • ty ty... we still need danele and abby together... cause he still pretty much loves her a lot. and we should go to the park and do epic beyond epic wonder! hahaha
  • erin... i havent freaking been to your house since like me and neil broke up... whats up with that? well stop going to california and be home! hahahaa
i ♥ u guys! muah!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Loves from Cali

So this is what Erin sent me from California. She probably sent it to a lot of you but o well. Haha it was really weird seeing a 'text' come in since my texting got turned off. Haha i should call her and tell her that. I bet a lot of people have texted me...hahahaha funny.


Much love forever and ever

Spring Break...yay

ok so berto told me i need to blog more. haha... ok ok ive been lazy and there hasnt been anything to blog about. i guess ill tell you of my spring break so far on this very nice friday night.
I dyed freaking 48 eggs with the little girls i babysit on saturday which was lots-o-fun. On sunday my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin came up for easter which kinda sucked cause we had turkey which i hate but i got 50 bucks and candy from the 'easter bunny'. monday i hung out with berto erin scot britta kelsey mike krystal tish at the playground behind jr smith. we stayed there for a while just talking and stuff. we went to subway then my house thinking we could watch a movie till my dad kicked us out. we went to movie gallery and accidently getting the old texas chainsaw massacre instead of the new one. so we watched hostle till the guys ankle gets sliced and he decided to walk. i almost puked on erin and couldnt breathe or walk or feel my legs or hands or my teeth haha. {o ya spiva came and britta returned after sleeping at her house for a while} so we went outside {berto carried me} to watch the clouds. so ya we got pizza and watched friends till i had to go home. yay for monday being fun. tuesday i went shopping with my family. was planning to hang out with tyler but it seems that we both went down to provo and kinda didnt. ya i left with my grandma to slc and didnt get to see berto before i left. :(. wednesday and thursday i worked for my grandma at a food show. which was awesome cause of all the food! haha i looked 3 months pregnant after the first day! hahaha. so i came home thursday night and berto, tyler, spiva, and mike came and got me. we fired fireworks at the cave and then at spiva's house. haha that was fun. spiva chased tyler around with them and hit him. hahaha. so ya... lets just say some people are probably confused on the berto randi combo thing. and people are probably wondering if i still like that one kid... and ugh... ya i do. so ya... thats whats going down. and friday i cleaned till 3 then left with berto to his house. I went with him and his family to see two houses over in cookie cutter land which were nice. im glad he doesnt have to move out of heber. :D ya had canton city and listened to smashing pumpkins while we just talked... and made fun of each other. haha.

Well ya. Thats my spring break!
Tomorrow everyone but me britta and mike get to take the ACT. Haha suckers.
Anyways... if your reading this and its friday still or saturday... call me. Im gonna try to get us all together before our spring break ends!!!

Much Love,

Ps. My texting got turned off cause I went over my texts by 1000. hehe... talking to who? Well.... Tyler. hahaha. So ya i guess its to just calling randi... dang it....

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Moths

Something that is unavoidable
undescrible undesireable
Something that attacks the mind
and damages the heart
The feeling of butterflies
but stinging like wasps
Can turn a huge smile
into just about tears
Simple little things
can cause this huge pain
Shakyness nauseaness
dont know what to do with this
One second happy
One thing just turned it
One person I wanted
Slipped far away
Realizing how much...
he really does like her
Realizing how much...
I really do like him
This isnt a poem
Stomach hurts too much to think
Damn these moths
My hands are shaking
My heart is pounding
I just want my friend...
The one that understands
How this feeling really feels
Third time really with them
And never the last...


The Un-Rainy April

April Showers... May flowers right?

Well it snows in the end of March... and is really sunny April? Whats up with this? i want the really good smelling warm spring rain! ahhh i love the rain!

Anyways... so this week so far has been content. Haven't blog for the lack of things to write about... pretty boring. Nothing to make it bad, nothing to make it really good... just content. Lets see... Monday...cant think of anything. Tuesday... nope. Wednesday... non guitar club haha just basically hung out with Berto and Gritton till like 4. Then went home and got a call from Jimi at work saying I had to work... but hell did i know. Ya spent like 5:45- 9:30 with Jimi: playing computer games online, watching ace ventera and knights tale, and not really watching people drown. and yay for getting paid for it. haha. Thursday... which is today...ummm britta became a villian named fox diamond and got asked to el cheapo by her man friend. yay. they better be in my group if i get answered... cause i kinda asked Ty Ty. Haha pretty lame way... just did the 'draw on me' thing he has on his page and commented him saying look at it. hahaha. so ya.
Now im just sittin here listening to Smashing Pumpkins... big suprise there. Berto has really got me liking them. And i have to work at 6 till probably 9:30 again.

Yay for spring break. Tomorrow starts it. Saturday me, Spiva, Berto, and Mike should go up to Wyoming to get fireworks. Sunday me and Berto are making "free hugs" shirts and going to the mall and possibly getting me pumpkins cd i want. Monday and Tuesday yet to come and yet to know whats going down. Wednesday and Thursday ill be down in Salt Lake working for my grandma at a food show thing. Friday Ill be home around noonish hopefully and want to hang out. So basically if anyone is doing anything: Monday Tuesday Friday Saturday {Ill be with Berto sunday if anyone wants to do anything with us that day}

So ya... call me... we'll do something.
Much Love to all you guys!

Ps. Ask people to el cheapo! Yay!
Pss. Got preference pictures of me... go comment them on myspace! :D
Psss. Any one know when we get our preference pictures from jenny?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

The last bite of ben and jerrys

So being semi single from neil for a month... I finally ate my last bite of the 2 ben and jerrys i had received for the break up. Holy cow is probably what hannah and jeb are saying. I discovered im not really an ice cream person. So next time im crying.. can i just have a lot of love and maybe a chocolate bar? haha. so ya.

So yesterday i hung out with berto. we didnt know what to do so i texted everyone asking what they were doing. Haha Neil thought i was "coming on to him" cause he thought he was the only one i wanted to hang out with...haha silly neil. So it ended up me, tyler, berto, spiva, and mike. we got jeb to come after we told her spiva was with us. {haha} so while we were playing with lighters in dairy keen... we decided to go days to get food. so then leaving, everyone says us that me and berto are choosing where we go. we were going to go to sholder hallow where a while ago on a sunday drive thought it would be fun to race... but they decided to turn the other way and go to south field. so we turned around cause they are jerks. we skateboard/longboard in the parking lot. spiva just about breaks my ankles, tyler walks on his hands, berto alies over the can, haha jeb has me help her longboard, mike tries to be kool skateboarding, and i... i just be hyper all over the place. haha then we decide to just chase each other around timp meadows until tyler and jeb decided to ditch me and berto. but i had to go home and ya......

o and berto............ ugh.... i did in trouble..... but now i have to be home at 8 everynight for two weeks.... dang sucks huh? ya i hate it. lame core

o and Aprill fools day... dang i hate it. So today i got two texts from mike and erin saying something like they are gonna kill tyler cause he was "going out with april" again. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jerks. why would they do that to me? ya as soon as i told berto... he was a good friend and told me it was april fools day and they were joking. soon enough tyler got on and told me they were together and i went with it. ugh. why would they do that to me?!?! ahh im like the most convienceable person in the world!!!! ahhh

Anyways ill see you all tomorrow a la escuela {school hehe}

Amor Siempre {Love Forever}

ps. I love spanish! can ya tell? haha
pss. freaking read my unicorn story!!!!!
VvVvVvVvVvVvVvVvV {arrows pointing downward}