Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Holeeeeee Holarrrrrre

The letter R painted. {Holarrrrrrrrrrrrrrre} hahaha

Haha dont ask.

Well yep. On Monday... Erin and I went to Walmart and got flip flops and arts and crafts things. We painted letters {R for randi and E for erin} and ended up painting rocks! Thats where the title of this blog comes from. hahaha. O man... so then ya. Morgan's BBQ after that was pretty fun. Neil and I trampoline wrestled... which he killed me. Then Berto and I layed on the tramp while everyone else was having 'story time' or whatever. Then Neil braided my hair... haha yay. ok that was Monday. Tuesday, which was yesterday... I wanted to hang out with Berto but my parents are lame and made me stay home. But they were letting me go swim {which I havent gone in 2 weeks} and thats when I found out that it was in the morning. So I saw Berto's jeep at Spivas. So my sister {who was coming to swim with me} and I went to say hi to them. Spiva soon kicked us out so Berto, Kiristin, and I went to the park by Old Mill Elementary. I dropped my sister off after that and berto and i went to drive around. Well when i got home, my parents knew we didnt go swimming, so they were mad that I didnt call them or something so now I cant drive anywhere for the rest of the week. Which sucks. Dang it.

Well thats been my week without Tyler so far. Grr and Kris Powell and him called me this morning at 6:44 in the morning... I just about killed them. What losers. Oh well I still love Tyler.

Hey... You people. Yes you... reading this... you should call me... right now... or text me
I want to hang out with people. Ill love you forever if you do...

Much love

Monday, May 28, 2007

Loving a Jerkasaurous Rex...

^^Drawn in paint by no other than me! haha^^

Ok so ya... Randalynn the Magnificent is in a hot, red, leather super hero suit and the Jerkasaurous Rex looks like Barney. Haha. It was kinda the nicknames that they themselves gave each other. Its not that hard to figure it out, beings how he has an msn and thats his name. Haha. oh and the fact that I'm pretty much in love with him, and I spend roughly an hour a day talking to him on the phone. Haha... pretty much. This week he will be gone to Efy... {Or as Coach calls it... Fyi haha} I instantly thought that this week was automatically going to suck and I would be kinda forgotten in the black doom. But yay for Morgan texting me {technically yesterday since its now 12:25 in the morning} saying she was having a barbeque. So yay... already getting invited to things with my favoritest people!

So Berto got a phone on Saturday, which leaves Jimi being pretty much the only one left in the no cell phone club. Dang, Berto. I betcha didn't think of that now did you? hahaha just kidding. "lawl" Oh and Tyler gets his phone on Tuesday but wont even be back from Fyi {haha} till I think Saturday. And his number will be the same as it was before. Just to let you know... hehe.

Anyways... I love you all... and I kinda love that one kid... named... ok well Tyler... cause no body knew at all huh? haha.

Mucho Love
Randalynn the Magnificent!---------------------- Whoosh!!! {me flying away}

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Freestyle Eskimo Kisses!

ok not really going to explaining the title... but ya... its pretty epic.
anyways, the blogs are slowing down for one reason... SUMMER!!! You guys... this year was just pulled right out from under our feet. And its gone. My juniors are now seniors; the sophomores and I are now juniors; my baby sister {with a lot of other baby sisters and baby cousins} are going to be sophomores! Crazy! I guess we can recap the craziness this year. Ill start at August since I just got done reading Brittas blog and how she was saying how much we have changed since August.

*Nathaniel and I broke up
*Neil took me to Kamas to make me feel better and we did tons of fly
*Neil, Nathaniel, and I went bowling for the "Lurpe dont die"
*The game was invented
*I started liking Jake {dont ask why! ahh}
*Erin came in the picture with Jake and pushed me away
*For some reason I hated Erin
*On the first day of school, Neil and I went to Taco Time
^^ and we got asked if we were going out^^
^^^ and our response was "ew gross" ^^^

*I told Jeb that I would help her and Neil back together
*I watched the guys jam for the first time
*Sang for them when they jammed
*I got my permit and the first person I called was Neil
*On the 16th: Neil and I got together
*I thought that Jeb and Enano hated me
*Swimming started

*Neil and I took like a 5 mile walk around Heber
*Then had a peach fight with Britta and her brothers
*Erin had an awesome par-tay for her 16th birthday
*The guys jammed in Neil's front yard for Halloween
*The super fans started coming to our swim meets

*Jeb and I watched the guys jam the day after Thanksgiving
*Enano sang Killing In the Name and Berto told us to cover our ears
*Which we didnt... so it was hilarious listening to Enano scream it

*On my Birthday {16th} Neil had a Lee Music concert and I had a pasta party
*On Neil's birthday,{17th} we had a swim meet and I had a band concert.
*So we didnt really see each other on our birthdays.
*Christmas, Neil and I gave gifts to people. {actually just gave back the stuff they left at his house}
*Berto's birthday bash was great except that I ate so much guacamole that I couldnt eat anything at Hannah's afterwords. Haha {allergic to avacados... but i love them so much}

*Life for me turned completely to swimming
*I made my fasted time on the IM at St George and was 2 seconds off of state time
*Region I made my fastest backstroke time which did get me to state

*State swimming!
*Got 22 in the back stroke
*Broke school record for the 400 free relay!
*Things started getting crappy with Neil

*Neil broke up with me and I was laksdjfa;lsdf... yep... that
*Tyler took me to go see Wild Hogs with Mike and Tish
*He got 'invited in' after the first date
*I started to like Tyler
*Berto told me he liked me
*Britta and Neil started going out
*Berto and I went out for 3 days... I just wanted to be friends, but like Neil said, it was pretty bitchy of me to do that

*Spring Break {pretty much awesome other than my texts got taken away}
*I started really missing swimming
*Neil and I got back together
*Jr Prom. Everyone looked gorgous! Britta and I were like hyperventalating! haha
*Started having second thoughts about Neil

*I got my licence!
*Egil came to Heber
*Me and Neil broke up
*El cheapo was pretty much amazing...
Even though my fabulous date had to work and could only come for the dance
*I realized how much I liked Tyler
* Egil went home and more drama came upon the little group of friends
*After the jazz game at Enano's, Tyler and I went for walk
*I met Collin for the first time and told him that when I came back from Cali my legs would be tanner than his
*Band tour {which was pretty much amazing}
*Went to Hollywood/LA/Pacific Ocean/Disneyland/Six Flags
*Since I wanted a ride of my own like Batman and Superman at Six Flags I became Randalynn the Magnificent
*Berto touched the ocean for the first time
*Came back and few things happened that Im still not entirely sure what...
*Hanging out with Tyler and him becoming the Jerkasaurous Rex
*Having lunch at Don Pedros and realizing that the table of sophomores is all there was to be a year from then... dang it now its less than a year...
*Finding out that there was another person that had recently started liking me
*Last day of School
*.................................... the 25th... :D {yes that describes that perfectly...}
*Having an awesome time at the lake
*Now sitting here writing this... and thinking how much atleast I have really changed...

Much love to all of you guys!
His... Randalynn

Sunday, May 20, 2007

band tour

Ok so a lot happened over this last week. Band tour was amazing and such. So to make it a little more exciting to read or what not... ill make it kinda like a remember when... haha. So this is a remember when pretty much to my self to you EVERYTHING that has happened since the last blog.

Remember when..

  • we found out that we had an awesome colorful bus
  • berto and mike quizzed me on things in star war
  • we would yell out dennys everytime we saw one
  • ^^ which was like every two seconds ^
  • mike yelled out ihop and i just looked at him funny
  • st george was amazing warm at night
  • i told them that i wasnt going to flirt with anyone
  • ^^failed alot of times^^
  • tyler called me before he went to school
  • berto made fun of tyler because he was taking a final in japanesse the day we would be in disneyland
  • i went farther west than las vegas for the first time
  • i entered california for the first time
  • i fed the finches fries and it was actually really entertaining
  • the fries that went in the dumpster and the fry container didnt
  • ^^ we still laugh about that ^^
  • berto found the shirt for me that said "i love my geek"
  • i fell in love with just about every shoe at the vans store
  • we saw the smog for the first time
  • not seeing the sky was making me miserable
  • i couldnt stop taking pictures of palm trees
  • mike took stupid pictures of cars but good emo pictures of himself
  • we saw the amazing advertisments in LA
  • we found out how amazing Hollywood was
  • berto realized how much LA was like grand theft auto... true dat
  • we walked the walk of fame and took pics of the stars
  • i had a mini heart attack when i thought i saw chuck norris' star
  • really did have a heart attack when i really did see chuck norris' star
  • i made a heart shape with my hands on johnny deep's star
  • we saw the most amazing cars
  • we felt the sand of the beach and i chased the seagulls
  • berto touched the ocean for the first tim
  • berto made his first sand castle on the beach with us
  • i called my sister to let her listen to the pacific ocean
  • we got a bottle of the ocean for my sister
  • we found a sea weed thing and decided thats what to get jeb
  • me and berto made our castle with 3 moats and walls, a guest house and a party house
  • berto started splashing me till i was soaked... and dirty with sand
  • i had to get completely in the water to get the sand off
  • the salt water stung mine and berto's cuts on our feet
  • we looked at stuff on the pier while our feet still hurt
  • the only thing i wanted was pants {because mine were soaked
  • we went to the playground and berto called hannah
  • i did the "i told you so", then got told the story... then got upset enough to start almost crying
  • i froze the entire way back... even after changing into my pj bottoms
  • when i thought the sun was setting, it was just setting on the grose smog
  • i slept during the actual sunset, dang it
  • froze waiting for the hotel keys from siggard
  • checked in. and i think slept... hmmmmm
  • anyways... then woke up and got on the bus
  • i pretty much was spazing out on the way to disneyland
  • we found berto's twin
  • we learned about physics with christopher
  • we went on the hell tower of hell and berto had to carry me out
  • we went on the rocket thing and i decided that if it went up forever, id be ok
  • we got to go on our own so we rode tons of rides
  • the first ride in disneyland was star tours
  • we an awesome time at disneyland
  • went to disneyland for yet another day
  • we saw where the world primere of pirates was being held at disneyland
  • i was exhasted beyond reason by the end of the day
  • woke up the next morning and headed to six flags
  • i swatted at a nat and it ended up in steven's eye hahahahaha
  • we all rode the best roller coasters in the world
  • wanted to go home so so so so so bad
  • tyler called right before we got on superman and i felt like crap by turning it on silent and slipping my phone back into my bag
  • i called tyler right after we got off... yay
  • me berto and mike ate while everyone else went an another coaster
  • me and berto discovered how awesome the batman ride was.. and even better in the front!
  • rode more coasters
  • watched an incredible sunset with with roller coasters with it {picture above}
  • got on the bus... ate food... then got back on
  • went 2 1/2 hours to pit stop... and got sleepy/cold drugs
  • went 12 hours on a bus to heber... seemed to take forever
  • ^^ apparently slept quite a lot ^^
  • slept through: las vegas, mesquite, st george, and cedar city
  • drove mike and nick home and mike thought he was going to die hahaha
  • sunday did nothing but talk to tyler on the phone and stuff
  • went on a drive and talked to tyler till i had to come home...

the end

i missed you all on the trip... all but berto and mike cause i was with them... haha
pics of the trip are up on both mine and berto's myspace pages

much love
his randalynn
aka ren

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happiness with the Captain... {Crunch that is..}

Haha so today was pretty much fun and kinda awesome... could have been better, but it was good. today was kinda the first day that i have hung out with people in a while. today the choice was tyler berto and mike... why... i dunno. haha so after school we went to days. he got me a dr pepper and then two boxes of captain crunch. so then we go to his house and eat it... which they all had huge bowls {berto having the biggest by the way}. haha ya berto let me take his jeep to my house real quick to get my phone and ended up finding out i had got my licence in the mail! yay! no more paper lame ones! :D so then went back to tylers where i found the three boys laughing about something... lame... dont ask. anyways mike and berto played guitar hero while me and tyler just watched and kinda talked until tyler had to do the lawn, so we left. we ended up going on the dirt road by kelsey's house, exploring a bit, then coming back. we sat in berto's jeep in the circle for about an hour or so... where i baked because i was in the sun and they were in the shade. around 6:30 we left to the high school for the choir concert. and o man... they were pretty much amazing. everyone ended up crying because the seniors are leaving which was way sad... i almost started crying because of my gosh dang knee and that a lot of people were crying around me. ahhh. so ya that was my day. then 'he' called me again as we left... umm. i pretty much love it when i see his name is on the caller id... hmmm.

so thats all i got. this week has been fabulous... except for my knee. swimming started, i finally decided who i really like... and told him. no one hates me because as much as i know... im not in a huge emotional mess with everyone now. yay

ok and sorry if ive been grumpy/cranky... its the freaking pain drugs for my effed up knee that i hate oh so very much right now...

much love!
♥ ♥ randalynn

"when im sleeping, i am dreaming... when im dreaming, then i am dreaming of you... "
-Randalynn to ...him... {Change of the lyrics of 'Calling You' by Blue October}

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Deep Thoughts

Ok so slackers.... Ive been blogging just about everyday. haha This one counts as the 5th... because its only like 1 am and technically counts. Ok so El Cheapo {El Crappo for the most part} was fun... when Tyler got there. haha. So ya. I realized that today was really full of deep thoughts. so here are a few:

  • Why semi trucks are called that when semi means part of?
  • How its impossible to think of absolutly nothing? {haha thanks for that berto...}
  • How easy it is to fall for a guy
  • That I finally got to feel what it was like to like someone and have them tell you they like someone else...
  • How complicated it is just to think of a simple straight up question
  • How cute it is when guys wont even let you open the door cause they want to do it for you {haha thanks tyler :)}
  • When playing straight up you dont want to ask something like 'if you could be with anyone in the world...' for the fear of them saying your name and it stabbing your heart
  • That sometimes a basketball game is more important so guys ditch their dates {haha thanks a lot tyler and neil... thanks...}
  • How happy someone makes you {maybe it really is because happiness and love go hand and hand...}
  • When you want to tell someone how much they mean to you...
  • Knowing your part of the reason your best friend doesnt want to smile...
  • Having the feeling that your ex boyfriend is glaring while you flirt with other guys
  • Having the feeling that your best friend is glaring while you flirt with other guys
  • When he calls you a brat... sometimes you expect him to come back and hug you... but now he doesn't.
  • Thinking that you miss him and realizing you really dont...

Ok mostly just my deep thoughts of today... lots of things going though my head... if you couldn't tell. Well ya... thats all I got.

Much Love

Friday, May 4, 2007

Randalynn + single = happy?

haha yes. happy. ok so today at work i was talking to nadia bigney... pretty much a short talk but one that definatly made me think and after reading jeb's from wednesday... i have to blog it like i blog everything... EVERYDAY...haha. anyways. so we were talking about how high school is just to play around with guys. ok so i guess i have one more year to 'fool around' with the jr.s dang. they will be gone and it'll be us little sophs to be loners. senior year for me is going to pretty much suck. me, erin, spiva, britta, jimi, tish tish, and kelsey... pretty much it. anyways.. nadia... ok so she was telling me how much she wished that she had just played around during high school instead of be with someone for almost 3 years. she said it wasnt even worth it. doing that in high school makes her want to go find a guy, makeout and never call him back. haha. so ya... dont be too serious about guys and girls now... its lame and pethitic. we make so much drama about them its insane. im over having serious serious relationships. till im out of high school that is.. so ya.

ok second thought: no matter who i like... no matter who likes me... no matter what i do... im ALWAYS hurting someone. today... i could have been hurting the same person that ive already taken someone away from... if she was there today with us... so ya thats all i have on that subject...

ok third. im making my remember when thing... right... NOW... hehe

Remember when...
We went to be nerds at the planentarium?
You let me listen to pumpkins and it made me think how much you love me?
I had the marlyn monroe moment on your porch in front of you guys?
I pretty much hit on you the entire night and she called me a whore?
You turned me just 90 degrees to him when i yelled to you that i hadnt met him?
You let me drive your jeep but was still paranoid?
You guys found out i was afraid of water?
You made a painting of the stick figure bleeding?
I painted you a picture but you never got it? its kinda ripped all over my floor...
You 'chewed me out' for not having the 'i love you' things up? I wasnt sure if i really did...
You let me borrow your U2 cd and it took the whole weekend to give it back?
You gave me a fake rose with a cute saying?
You gave me my guitar lesson just after you breaking up?
You told me it was a mistake that you let me go? It was a mistake that i let you come back...
You told me that el es doucha means he's a shower?
The day before 'el es doucha' was 'yo lo amo'?
She let me borrow her phone to text him?
He could read my mind?
"Wanna see my swim suit?"?
I got to drive with them trusting me? I felt so grown up
He asked if i was taller than him... until i took off my shoes?
We had the best pizza in the world?
He offered the last piece of pizza but i only wanted it if he didnt?
We sang Moulin Rouge and he sung Ewans part? Wow... nothing else to say to that
I totally hit on that hot kid pretty much all night?
I made my own sign language to pretty much say 'party with all the guys cause im single'?
He made us all smoothies at 10?
You found out my smoothie had caffiene?
I got my texting taken away because you had texting too?
Starts with an 'R' and ends in an 'andi'?
Starts with an 'T' and ends in an "yler" and the girl who likes you is me?
We joked about your swim suit coming off?
When we were both cold we cuddled with the small blanket with the heater?
Me and you kissed just about everyone there? And at the same time? haha
I decided that i cant like you either? it just hurts one more person
I told you to not join swimming just so you couldnt be a hobag?
We had Sunday drives that soon turned into sunday lazy days?
... Sundays then became Lonely Sundays.
I just had this thought that there are no more 'randi loves u day' on your calendar?
We made everyone's biographies? What fun
The last time i saw you really smile... is when you were with me?
The only time he really called me a bitch was those three days?
I listened to you on the bus ride home and wanted to do anything but cry?
I just sat emo in the lake and you couldnt get me because of your shoes?
I threw rocks in the lake and hurt my sholder? I didnt tell you so you didnt worry
I walked farther into the lake? I wished that my foot would get caught so i could drown
You wanted to hug me even though i was wet?
'My love for you will never fade, but soon my desire will'? For some reason my desire to be with him finally ended was when i had him back.
He tried to hide his accent but i told him to keep it cause it was hot?
You told me i deserved so much better? It made me feel way better hearing you say that
I kinda still like you?
You answered my el cheapo asking on my blog? haha i was so confused.
Your the one that gives that look that no one else can ever give?
You told me about the NC's? hahahaha

OK i think thats a good list for now. holy crap. i need to do those freaking more often.. they are pretty nice. and make me feel more happy when i get to the part of 'liking' people. i dunno. ive been single for a day.. but hey... i can do eight days like he did... but im not planning on doing that to him... no matter how mean he is.

Much love

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Break ups, Cute Guys, and Nerd Toys

haha so ok few things happen today..

  • I became single... yes... its over. and you know what? Im fine... we kinda got in an arguement about things but when he said 'im done' there was only one thing i could say to him 'o good, you can read my mind'. so yes its over. Two months i was crying over him and now im smiling that he's gone. he made my life SO miserable... well... when this whole thing came up about a certain someone...
  • Ok i finally met erin's cute friend, egil. and what can i say? im in love with that kid. totally gorgous and funny and pretty much amazing.
  • I joined Laurie, Erin, Egil, and Spiva on their adventure to the planterium... and wow i love being a nerd. What fun... haha and me and Egil have this thing in common... that if we have to read to know whats going on... its not even worth it. o wow super fun.
  • Haha the woman with the three year old threating this "your gonna sit in the corner till your old and wrinkly and have osteroporsis!" haha cant spell but it was SO hilarious... o wow. ya.
  • I got a bracelet that is peach {looks orange but o well} for happiness. i dont care about money or love... i care about being happy... and if its love that makes me happy... then ill have both. but life without happiness just isnt worth it
  • I also got a nice mood ring. right now its saying that im relaxed... wow. been a while since i have been... its nice to not have to worry about him...or now her
  • Im really actually happy to be single... o wow...

So thats about all today. Didnt want to make this so long like some of the other blogs lately. So ya. Love ya all!

♥ ♥ Randalynn

ps. i liked colors today... could you tell?

"you were my biggest mistake... now my life has no mistakes..." ~Randalynn Ranson

pss. yay for berto if you actually came to read my blog... now go to this:

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Time for chocolate ice cream and throwing rocks

I dont even know what to say first off... but here it goes...

I love Neil... but its not going to last
Every second he looks at me I dont feel loved...
But hated...
I miss hearing him talk to me...
I miss him actually looking at me...
I miss him kissing me...
Or even hugging me...
I miss going to sleep happy
I miss being with him
I miss having a real smile
I miss having him to hold me

.... I miss him... so so much. And yet again... thoughts are thinking that yesterday was the last time I could have actually had a hug from him... Im sick of fighting, crying, and regreting.

I dont know how... but someday I'll be happy.
I love you guys that have tried to help...

Semi love...Randi

ps. Will someone tell him that i love him... he doesnt want to seem to listen to me...:(

"i have the sence to reconize that i dont know how to let you go..."
-Do What You Have To Do by Sarah Mclachlan {once again my life song... :( }

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hey you girl with your licence

haha so the title of this blog is what tyler said to me today when i got on msn. thats right. randalynn finally has her licence! yay! well i guess ill tell about today:
school was lame. i ran my mile in 8 minutes and 8 seconds, which isnt bad. core testing started in english. then after school... lets just say i think im gonna be going through the being dumped and left for another girl... possibly. thats my thought on life right now... and it is pretty much tearing me apart. i dont want to be mad or jealous.. but its starting up which sucks. i left school really fast with my mom to get my licence because yesterday i passed my drivers test with shoell with a 92%, yay. so ya. have that and my first drive was with my sister just around timp meadows. we went to go see erin but she was at work so we went to ty ty's house. he didnt know i was getting my licence today so the look on his face when i told him that i had it was pretty much priceless, yay for priceless looks. haha he is pretty much on my favorite people list. :D then i went home for a bit till my mom realized that i could just go the store for her now... crappy. so did that and came home. then berto called me and asked if i could hang out a bit... and of course we did. so we went to dairy keen cause i felt like having ice cream. then we drove around a bit till he let me drive. that was nice, one cause i like his jeep, two cause it shows me he trust me enough... no matter how paranoid he gets. haha. but i love him to death... pretty much.

so ya. i will probably finally get to meet egil tomorrow, which im excited for. and i get to drive myself to work tomorrow which also im excited for. haha... well ya thats all i got..

much love

ps. haha i didnt captilize one thing in this entire blog. sweet. haha