Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Wonderous Week of Swim Camp

The lollipop I found at the chocolate factory by BYU. Hahaha
So spending a week at BYU... hmmm. Well it was way way fun. I met some amazing swimmers such as Danny and Kelley {who owned me on the IM and Danny owned me on the backstroke}. Jason, who is one to beat Jake... by 6 tenths of a second. Cameron, who broke his foot at the dance on Tuesday yet still swam I believe the 200 and 500 at the meet.

So yep. I swam 200 IM and 100 Back. My IM time was only 3 seconds slower than my fastest time but Lurpe had to help me out of the pool where from then I pretty much couldnt walk on my knee and was almost crying. It sucked... no lie. My backstroke was only 2 seconds from my fastest, which I was really happy about. 1:13. Yay. Enano soon swam it after me and beat me only by tenths of a second. Haha yay again. And then the relay at the end was a mixed relay. It was Me, Erin, Frank {an awesome kid haha}, and Lurpey. We did 'ight.

O wow. There is so much I could actually tell you about this week without mostly swimming. Well first Ill tell you what I did almost everyday there. Wake up at 6:20. Breakfast. Go back to the dorms. Take a nap till 7:40. Went to swim {actual workout} . Then classroom instruction. Lunch {would usually end up relaxing under a tree after we ate} . Classroom again. Then swim {work on the stroke of that day} Dinner. Free time kinda. Bed. Yep that was my week. Ok I would tell you all that went on this week, but quite honestly its not my story to tell. Mostly just between Lurpey and Erin... I was just the one that they both went to to vent on. It was nice knowing I could be there for them. They both had a tough week to go through. Pretty much lets just say that thank god I have unlimited texting. All three of us would sit next to each other and also be texting each other. Enano was getting so irritated about it. It was way way funny. Haha.

So yep. I was way glad the last day. Wednesday night and most of Thursday I was pretty much really depressed. I was way home sick already. {Berto... It was about the same thing as when we were in California the last day} On Friday, I was counting the hours just to come home. My mom, my sister, and I went to eat at Bajio... Yum Yum. And then found the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory right next door. So of course we go in. Holy crap. I wanted everything. haha. Thats where I found the lollipop. As soon as I saw it, I thought right of Tyler. So I got it for him. haha. And I told him that i would really have to love him to buy this.... like really love him. So i gave him that when I picked him up to go to a movie with him and my sister. We went to Park City to see Fantastic 4. It was pretty good. Haha both Tyler and I rarely shut up making fun of the movie or something. like "Wow.... that sign says monday!" and "yes jessica alba always has to have the wind blowing in her hair" Haha. So we drove back to Heber to Sonic where my sister pissted me off so so bad. So here is how it went. I order my sister her shake and cheesey tots.. then my cookie dough blast. Right then... when the lady asks if that'll be all... I have the words "and a cherry limeade" on my tongue. But my sister hurries and says... Ya that'll be all. At that moment I could have strangled her. For once in probably the rest of my life... I had the chance to actually buy Tyler something. It made me very angy. haha.

Well yep. That was my week. Hope everyone had an awesome week. I sure did but Im way glad Im back home. I missed you all and we need to hang out... :D

Much love

Ps. Im leaving on the 4th to go to Bear Lake for the weekend. So we all need to hang before then.

"And it's you and me and all other people, And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you" ~ Lifehouse 'You and Me'
The only song that made us hide our eyes from each other.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The 25th... Of June... Hehe

Today... Today is special. Well lets see....

I leave for swim camp with Erin, Lurpey, Lakey, and Enano. Everyone better atleast text me once in a while. If I take a while to respond, Im in the pool. But its ok... still do it cause I will respond. I get very very home sick being away from home that far. Away from my family and most of my friends. Just ask Berto how I was on band tour. By the last day I was almost crying I wanted to be home so bad. So yes... it would be nice to have a little hello to keep me cheered up. :D Oh and if any one wants to come to our meet on Friday... that would be kool. It is 2-4 pm. And you know where da pool is... hehe. Of course.

Ok. Another happy thought. The little dog staying at my house... is finally gone. Yay. Ok thats the end of that thought.

Last but certainly not least.... Its the 25th. That should just kinda click in people's minds... maybe not everyones... but sure mine. Ok, ok. Today is the one month that Tyler and I have been together. And no lie... the best one month I think I have ever had. Im glad that it has been going slow when we are together and fast when we are apart. It makes me way way happy just to see that he is the one that makes my phone sing to me. :D

Ok very last thing. Tyler... thinks Im sleeping right now. Hehe. I was tired talking on the phone but once again I kinda woke up walking up the stairs and seeing that my computer was still on. Haha. But ya Im going to bed... right after I finish packing. Oops. haha.

Much Love to my blog family
I shall miss you lots and lots.

Quote of the Day:
"I cried you this pool of tears, so you could swim in my sorrows" ~BMN

Thursday, June 21, 2007


So I decided since there are those lazy people that hate signing in... that I make it so people have to sign in to comment. Yes that means you Ty Ty. I wonder if this means no more comments... daaaaang iiiitt its over! haha. Hmmm what else to say. Tomorrow I get to go shopping for clothes to wear around BY... poo. {Not University of Poo-tah freaking Ty Ty} yep. Saturday is Lagoon with Tyler and his friend that Ive met once and forgot his name {but will most likely remember when I see him again hahah} That should be fun. :D

I really have nothing else to say. But see... I still blog... Cause Im good like that.

Much love to all of my wonderful blog family

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life." ~Albert Camus

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In a Galaxy Far Far Away....

So today was the ultra Star Wars marathon at Berto's. I was to come on time at 8 in the morning... but lucky for me, I had to watch a little min pin that my family is babysitting while the family goes to lake powell. Lucky freaking pieces of crap. haha. When I finally started to scooter my way to Berto's... I recieved mysterious texts from my new "stalker". I got to his house and soon found out it was Gomez tricking me. Little does everyone know... but I am afraid of stalkers and hitchhikers {Britta and Tyler would know about the hitchhiker fear haha}
So ya. Star wars was great. I got to watch the last half of the first one, the second one, and about a half hour into the third one before I had to be home.

Which was also great is watching the Space Station and Shuttle fly by for the second night in a row. I called Tyler {people still at the Star Wars party would know, and dont get mad for missing the end... its sucks anyway :'( } and told him where they were flying over. They made their way from around Midway and dissappeared in the sky in the direction of Timberlakes. Two huge, fast moving stars. Shuttle followed by the Space Station. My parents told me that the shuttle has been with the station for a while re-building it or whatnot and just barely separated from it to land back on Earth tomorrow. Yep.

So thats all my space nerdy-ness for tonight.

May the force be with you

Monday, June 18, 2007

Guess Who?

Sun set over the duck pond at the state park... :D
So this describes my week.... I would get up. Do nothing, play sims, eat a lot. Till around noon, then I would get ready. Then I do chores for forever. ugh. Then Tyler would get off around 3 or 4 ish. I would see him for about an hour till I had to be at work at 5 everyday. Thats how it was just about everyday last week. Having saturday off was a huge relief. Tyler and I fed ducks... and scary geese. I actually got to see the sun set and see that one cute kid that I'm kinda in love with... :D

I hope everyone had fun being gone... haha. But now that your here again... we need to do something amazing. Classic Skating was a thought... while I was rolling around in my basement on my roller blades. Haha. Then to have a suprise to that story... I fell down go boom. Haha. Yep. So lets all go to there... we'll figure out a day. I guess text me what days your busy. Im busy Tuesday and Saturday for sure. Thursday is Ninja Emo Day. Mine and Jake's holiday for sparing and eating at Canton City. If anyone wants to go... Im going for sure, Jake isnt sure yet. So ya...

Ummm Fathers Day was I guess fun. Like I told Tyler, my dad and my cousin are like 12 and the rest of my family is like 14. Its pretty insane. But I ate yummy food and floated around in the pool my grandparents have at their house. It was rather nice. And for that day, I felt so grown up. Some how, not being told to go play with my cousins by my aunt {and me being taller than her now hehe} made me finally feel 16. Today to the day... I turn 16 and a half. That means in 6 months Ill be 17. In 6 months we will be wearing our warm ups and wasatch things for the meet that seems not to be on Neil's birthday, but mine this time.

In 6 months... its a deep thought... that I could go so far of what I think will happen
............. but Im not going to say them.

I love you all so much. {and thanks for all dealing with me when I was in my crappiness of life dealing with Neil and such}

Quote: "The best proof of love is trust"- Joyce Brothers
Ok so that is just for someone...^^ he'll get it.

Here is the other quote of the day haha: "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."- Buddha {yay for Buddha}

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The art of kite flying and watching stars

Tyler flying the awesome kite. Haha

So Tyler and I are now offically star watchers and kite flyers {oh and i guess professional walkers haha} That pretty much describes my last week. Every moment was pretty much epic and Ill never trade it for anything. I cant nearly describe the happiness of Randalynn. Its amazing. And hearing that most people are also amazing with camping and such... makes me even happier. I couldnt ask for anything more.

Yep. Thats my soul lifting jeb like paragraph. Well... I wont be blogging much this coming week. One... I have re-realized how fun and awesome Sims 2 is so my sister and I have been playing that to the point where we do pretty much nothing ALL day. Tyler has to work in the mornings and I usually have to work at night so pretty much we spend every minute we have free with each other. Or he'll bring me random food or just randomly see me at the pool. :D Oh ya... this coming week.... anyways. I have to work every freaking day Monday-Friday 5-8:30 pm. pretty crappy. But its kinda ok cause Tyler and his family are leaving for Cali on Wednesday. And the week that he will be back I only have to work on Tuesday which is really nice because shortly the week after that Ill be at freaking swim camp with Erin, Lurpe, Nathaniel, and Jake {and I think I heard that someone else might be there too... but I havent heard of this hmmm} m super excited. Its going to be so much fun.

So im proud of the non slackers... which the club is now Britta, Hannah, Jeb and I. Wow.. such a club. Haha. I love you all no matter how much you are slackers. cause quite honestly, no one should really be behind the computer.... unless its around midnight and you cant sleep. Yep.

Goodnight my wonderful blog family
Love, Randalynn

ps. *Super Smiley* {you should try it too}

"Well I love poetry, and a glass of scotch. And of course my friend Baxter here..." -Ron Burgundy

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The blog of nothingness

So I have no idea what to say other than everyone is a slacker but Britta. Im proud. Britta and I are the only ones that have even blogged this wonderful month of June. Isnt it nice? Wow yesterday and today are pretty much awesome with the rain and stuff. But no lie I really want to go to the lake today. Which seems like it isnt going to work...

Yep pretty much that Im turning into a blog nazi.... but Im always bored and having nothing to do. Atleast I blog even when I talk about nothing. Slackers beyond reason. Ok Jeb is pretty good at blogging and she is doing stuff and ya.

Oh have fun everyone... just about all of you are leaving next week. Erin invited me to go to Richfield with her but I cant cause I found out I work every freaking day next week. Dang it. Well this will be the end of my pointless blog. I think Ill draw a pointless picture... yep. Then Ill put it on this blog. Haha

Love you all,

"Love is something you can't describe, like the look of a rose, the smell of the rain, or the feeling of forever."-Some cute myspace icon thing haha

Ps. Ok so Britta, in my picture, Im putting you in pants because you hate dresses but everyone else is going to have to deal what they look like. Hahaha
Pss. I love my blog family!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

"I'm only dating you to get your dad!"

Haha silly moments {the title} with Ty Ty. So yesterday he came home. Yay for Randalynn. I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw his text from his phone {that he got when he came home from EFY} So we texted for a bit and decided to go on a walk. We only walked to each other from our houses and then walked to the park that is in between our houses. We layed on the picnic tables and the grass and took pictures with our awesome picture phones. Annoying kids that were there asked if we were in love and stuff... and one actually pronounced us husband and wife... so I guess Im married. Haha... by a 9 year old. Well they weslted in front of us and I just couldnt stop laughing. So then they left... thank god. Tyler and I drew on the concrete with rocks and talked for a while. Pretty much the best moment was when tyler said that EFY was "...a concentration camp... with scriptures!" hahah yep. The whole day was pretty much epic as that. So then all of a sudden Tyler says, "I have an idea, I have to take you home" pretty random and the way that he was apparently to get rid of me? Nope. Then he says its going to be an epic date. Haha. So I go home and change and wait for him to come get me.

So he arrives at the door around 7:30. The first place we go is Days and for some reason we just randomly get a loaf of bread and then lunchables. haha. Not knowing where the heck we were going, he drives to Midway. As soon as I saw that we were going to the state park, it was pretty much obvious that we werent the ones to eat the bread. So we sit down on the grass and eat our lunchables. The sun goes down and it gets rather cold so we got the blankets out and then fed the ducks a bit. And Tyler is pretty much afraid of the ducks attacking hahahaha. So after the ducks leave us a lone we just layed on the blankets and talked about pretty much everything... ok not everything... {haha Tyler... You have EVERYTHING in your head?!? wow thats a lot!} Just pretty much epic things like when Tyler said "Im only dating you to get to your dad" and over and over saying "Its over!" in the Strongbad voice. Yep. I was pretty much never bored and almost always had a smile on my face. :)

Well that was my fabulous day
Much Love,

My quote of yesterday:
"Its his speechless face that confirmed the perfect timing of those three words..." ~Randalynn Ranson {and yes I can write my own quote of the day haha}