Monday, August 27, 2007

Sitting here for 15 minutes... thinking of what to write

Ok. so i was in the blog mood. But i have absolutly nothing to write. dang.

I could write of the one thing i regret in life... but i have been asked not to already in a another blog.

I could write about the thing that is in someone's elses blog... but i dont know what people would think about me anymore.

I could write how much i love the love of my life... but people are probably sick of it.

I could write about school... but i have done that already.

Honestly there is nothing. Its either people are sick of it or some people would probably start hating me. Just know that. Ok well ill stop rambling on.

I love you all... and no matter what i say or think... i never want to hurt any of you.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The third 25th

Oh... my blog familly... randalynn is happy. a lot. very much so happy.
As you guys should already know about the wonder of the 25th... its the third one. Yay.
I love Tyler. Ok... this time ill keep it on the DL ight you three commenting my last blog...?
That is all im going to say about that. EEeeee haha.

Ummm.... oh ya! swimming! dry land starts in 10 days and the first day in the pool is in 24 days! im freaking out. i went to work this morning for a lifeguard recertifcation and saw coach there and we just started talking about this season and it made me super super happy. this year is absolutely is gonna kick ass! {yep i said it... just like that}

Girls: we need a girls night. right now... ok not right now... but soon. I read on Erin's to let her know... so ya. check schedules and stuff like that cause we freaking need one! {ok but we aren't doing what the guys do and play halo naked and stuff like that... hahahahaha}

Ok well I have to get with my day... get cute. Maybe ill wear my cute green dress since i cant at school till i find a cute shirt to put under it... hmmmm. Maybe...

I love you my blog family. :)
Love, Randalynn

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh school... again

Ok... I the excitement for school was kinda worth it. its going to be pretty fun this year. haha. other than the fact of me being sick... and other reasons that only one knows... school has already been kinda amazing. hahaha. i have 3 classes with Katrina Spiva; photography, algebra 2, and spanish 3. hahaha. oh what fun with little spiv. Nothing all too exciting about english and history. i have never had a thing for those classes. i think my funnest will be chemistry and desktop publishing. I have Britta Marie and Rilianne and a few other people in my hemistry class with G which should be fun. In desktop, i have hannah, tyler, scott stubbs, alex coats... and a few other people that should be fun. I think i should actually rename that class 'learn not a gosh dang thing' cause i probably wont. its just computer things... which im already good at. haha.

ok so enough about school. so driving to provo with my sister and my mom... and the song 'never again' by kelly clarkson came on. I remembered the first time that i heard that was a day that neil and i got in a fight or something. I realized that that song was kinda for me with him. you can listent to the song on my profile... im not going to put the lyrics except the one part that really describes me with him.

Never again will I hear you
Never again will I miss you
Never again will I fall to you
Never again will I kiss you
Never again will I want to
Never again will I love you

Thats exactly how i feel with lurpe. He can be my best friend or my worst enemy. But never again will he be mine. I love Tyler so so much... and no lie... i wouldn't mind being with him for the rest of my life. For as long as i have been with him... i have been staying down low on telling you guys how much i love him and stuff like that... but i honestly do love him... more than i have loved anyone. He makes me happier than anyone. I want to wake up to the sunlight and the sound of the waves being in his arms. Thats the dream of my life. :)

I love you all so much. I wasnt even in the best mood when i started writing this... i havent been most of the day. But knowing what good friends i have and how much i love tyler... just made the happiness. Thank you guys for your love and everything. There is a lot Im overcoming with my family and its nice having you guys around. Im sorry if im ever in a mad or sad mood. I never want you guys to worry.

I love my blog family, and all those who arent in the family as well.
Ill rephase that.
I love Tyler, Berto, Michael, Britta, Hannah, Erin, Jennifer, Morgan, Brady, Lurpe, Jake, and yes... even Enano.

Randi Lynn Ranson... someday Rasmussen.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Pictures

So Im sittin on my couch... being sick... and i randomly saw that my dad put the pics of vegas on this laptop. {isnt it also funny that its sitting on my lap??? hahahaha} so i put the pictures that i liked onto my myspace page. I believe there twenty something pictures in a new album called "Vegas {summer 007}" so go check them out and comment. :D

much love 2 my blog family

ps. if its still sunday when you're reading this... you can come visit me. ty wants me to drink oj which i dont have... so can someone come bring me some and ill love you forever? hehe.

pss. school starts tomorrow and im quite oddly excited except for that im sick which sucks.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Remember this amazing summer?

So Thursday was offically the last day of summer. we will always have those weekends after the long week of school. This summer has truely been amazing. I have found out who my best friends really are. I have found the love of my life... and found out that i regret nothing with him. i have been happy and sad. i have kissed and danced in the rain. i have watched people grow up and watch people act still 12. i have my all nighters and my sleep ins. i have had my family appreciate everything im doing. im so glad that i have you guys to share my life with so far.

To go with Britta and Ty Ty's blogs... im feeling a remember when mood.

Remember when...

we sat on your porch and painted letters and rocks? Holleeeeee Holarrrrrrr

you were counting the days and so excited for football to start?

you found out i am a broncos and a ute fan?

i came over to the halo party and got my ass kicked by all the guys?

the front porch experience?

i became the monkey with a camera?

the guys picked us up and walked us through the fountains at lagoon?

we did the potty dance cause she was scared to go on the sky coaster?

my sister came downstairs? hahahahahah

i called you to come over to my house before swim camp just because i needed to talk?

i came and got you at 1 in the morning to come over to watch the incredibles?

'one two three big dipper' and the martini glass?

the star of stars that only you have found again?

i found the song everything and realized it was meant for us?

you watched me do my hair and makeup just because you didnt want to go to work?

you got so mad at them being together you wanted to throw rocks at cars?

we took my 'truck' up little pole and got it covered in mud?

we played the ultimate question game?

we decided that we would always be friends... but make out buddies? haha i love you mface

the lightning cloud kept coming closer to her party and then it rained?

you gave me my first kiss in the rain?

we all went to don pedros and realized half of us would be gone in a year from then?

you whispered to me the best dream in the world and i started crying?

you tried to break us up? i dont know if i have even forgiven you yet.

you told me you still love me and then you went out with her?

me and her got in a fight and you realized why you loved me? hahah

we 'made out' in the back of mike's van with him in the front seat? hahaha

you had me promise that one thing so that you could sleep? ill always keep that promise

you told me you didnt like her anymore, and she was sitting right there?

the wasps won the first football game? what an amazing game

gomez broke his leg?!?! poor freaking gomez. :(

we all layed on my driveway just talking a pretty much sleeping?

i told you what my dream wedding would be, and it would be with you?

we sat on the porch and just let everything out? {happened with a few people actually}

we made the joke that my sister had a crush on him?

i walked away laughing and disgusted? hahahaha

we realized my dog liked you more than he likes me?

he always gets socks when your there?

for some reason i was suprised when he went right to my pantry and started eating?

'i believe there are food establishments on that facility'? hahah

we went to provo to shop for you?

you tempted me with target? you know i cant resist that place. haha

we went on our date with our amazing free hug shirts?

she said that our shirt were very hippie approved?

i had a bonfire at my house the day we wasnt there?

we made names of everyone's biography?

'i just want to folic through those boxes'?

lunchables at 3 in the morning and my lock button not working from the hitchhikers?

we both started crying at camp when we heared our song?

you said we were meant for each other because we both love tomatoes?

you even thought it was weird that after a year, he finally started talking to me?

we had the perfect, flawless sneak out?

i never wanted to leave your arms and finally did really early in the morning?

we had three kids and an amazing house? now the government has them. hahaha

i told you what he said to me? im proud that you are so strong and did the right thing.

i sung you that song while we danced at swim camp and i apparently ruined the song for you?

i realized that he is the only {and last} one to break my heart?

she told my family how cute and nice to me he is?

the only thing wrong with you to her is that your a cougars fan?

'i am very hot. look at me. this is my number, write it down. up for the challenge?'? haha

harry potter movies? i sure freaking do.

we went to his house just to listen to the new pumpkins cd?

we layed around your house watching movies and talking for hours on sundays?

i told you 'i love you' for the first time personally? i loved the way you looked at me.

we made fun of the 'fun' song cause of the two definations? haha

Cheesy Tot? hahahahahahahaa omg. i have never wanted to laugh so hard! hahaha

wow that was kinda long. but it was long and worth it haha .
i love you so so much my blog family.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jackpot Mofo!

So ya. Thats pretty much what i have been saying a lot lately. Haha. Look up on youtube Daniel Tosh with Cargo pants. Its so funny. i love it. anyways... so i looked on my email and saw that while i was on my vegas trip, i would send pics to myself of the ones in vegas. I only have a few cause my phone decided "no no" on letting me send anymore pics. hahah. so yes.. enjoy.

the sun and the rocks in the virgin river canyon, arizona

the sun and the clouds in the desert by vegas

the new hilton vegas. our hotel. :D

the lobby of the hotel. pretty much all gold and amazing.

the stratoushere. kiristin and i were bored and decided to go around the hotel finding good views. that building was pretty much amazing. but never will i go on it.

i love my blog family. i love vegas. i love... poetry... and a glass of scotch. haha

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

So this weekend my family and I went to Vegas. We left Sunday morning and came back Tuesday around 6ish. {I would tell you what I did Saturday... but its in Ty Ty's new blog... so ya... Im not going to repeat anything hehe but it was amazing. and so are his ninja skills haha}

So Sunday we drive and get there around 5. Kiristin and I instantly go explore and stuff. My mom and dad relax and watch Tv a bit. So we stayed in the new Hilton Hotel Vegas. Which is amazing. We had dinner at this little bar by the pool place which had pretty yummy food as well as good drinks {ok i had a sip of my mom and dad's drinks hehe}. After that, Kiristin and I went to the top of both of the towers of the hotel. The lights were amazing. When I sent that picture of the stratosphere to most of you... thats when i was taking pictures with the real camera. Thats when I realized that Vegas really is amazing and bright and wonderful. Hehe. So yep. Talked on the phone with Tyler. {on my sister's phone because mine doesnt seem to want to make any noise whatsoever so ya} Watched Nemo. Went to bed.

Monday was the best. :D Wake up and go to breakfast with my family. Dennys of course. We drive the strip which was amazing. I found out that taking pictures we only saw the very north of the strip. Its huge! ah i loved it! My parents took us back to the room. They had to go to a presentation or whatever so kiristin and i hit the pool. Ah it was so nice in the 110 degree weather. Haha We got a bit of a tan... which is nice. After that, we went to have lunch at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurant. It was really fun and yummy. We walked down the strip to the Tropicana Hotel to see the 'Bodies' exhibit. Which was creepy, amazing, and sometimes awkward. haha but i liked it a lot and it got me excited that Im taking anatomy this year. We start walking back and we watch the Belligo water fountain show. {the fountains behind then at the end of Oceans 11.} I couldnt get the pictures from my phone, but if you want to see them... just ask. I love them a lot to show just about everyone. :D So the strip is really really cool at night. Everything was lots of fun.

Tuesday... basically got up, packed, ate at the BK lounge and headed out. Hung out with Tyler, Besto, and Maddy. Got Taco Bell, went to the park and got rained on. Watched half of gone in 60 seconds... got wendys till my sister got off work. Then went home. And here I am now.

So Vegas was nice. I loved it other than the heat hotter than hell. haha
I also heard that the senior trip is going to vegas for a bit. Have fun... really. :D

Much love My blog family
Randalynn Rasmussen. hehe. :D

Ps. I want everyone to get together and do something Saturday. I was thinking maybe a picnic and just hanging out... but i dunno. Britta and Erin will be gone. Lurpe wont be there because I told him basically to just keep his distance from me so i apparently hurt him enough that he doesnt even want to come. So any suggestions? Freaking come. School is starting!!!!!!

pss. I want taco bell hahahahaha

Thursday, August 9, 2007

No Comp :(

So I here bring you a blog from a random laptop from my dad's work. Why, you ask? I have no computer. Actually, no one in my family does. I would tell you why but honestly im not supposed to, i have already told two people and i think that is all that should know for now.

The basics are.... downloaded music.. police got involved... and took everything. Well... all the computers. Thats honestly all i can tell you. And im pretty sure that is all i have even told those two people. So please you guys... be careful downloading music. everything from the last 4 years of my family like pictures and such are now gone. My sims... yep... gone. Im pisted cause they also left the cd in the computer now the effing game is gone. We dont know if we are getting the computers back... which really sucks. I really havent been in the best mood lately... so most of you havent even seen me since this. Actually it might just be Tyler and Berto that i have seen. hmmm. So ya. What else to say..... hmmmm

Oh and Jeb commented on the last blog about Michael Buble. The cd is actually called "its time". I like it a lot. I dont really have any other of the cd's. But i listen to them online and such... so i would recommend everyone to get or listen to Michael Buble. If you couldnt already tell by him being on my play list... he is a lot of different kinds of music, but mostly jazz. I love it. He does pretty good covers of songs like from the beatles and such. So ya. Go listen.

Now what? Oh... so today after work i went to watch the football players... and no lie, it got me so excited for football games. Other than my man being on the field instead of helping me keep warm.... im really excited. I love seeing everyone all the time and just have fun. :D I love that everyone is all huddling for warmth haha {not saying i like seeing people freeze to death... its just fun huddling} I love football games so so much... but I will kinda hate him not being there.

Anything else? OH YEAH!!! Postcards from hell... playing at the park tomorrow {August 10th @ 6} I expect all of you to freaking be there. Im bringing my camera so that they can have atleast SOME pictures of them on their myspace. Hehe. {i will probably need someone with a computer to load the pics on... beto would be my first want on that beings how is a controler of the page and is in the band. hehe. Ok well everyone come.

Nothing much to say. I could talk about how twiterpated i've been... but the last blog took care of that. :P I love Tyler... a lot. Ok thats all im saying. hahaha

Much love to my wonderful blog family.
<3 Randalynn

Ps. we need everyone together for like a bon fire or something before school starts in like a week and a half.... :D

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mad Love ♥ How sweet it is

A scent at Pier 1. Im in love with the name. ♥

Twiterpated Randalynn. Big suprise there? Haha not really. ♥ ♥ ♥ So yesterday {since its past midnight} was my mom's birthday. She got a new car which some of you have seen. hehe. We took that down to Salt Lake to have dinner with her twin to have a birthday dinner thing. So on the way there we listened to Michael Buble. A cd we have had for a while but havent really listened to. I fell in love with each song again. ♥ I love that I was just singing and not having a care in the world who heard me. {unfortunate family of mine... haha} But there was that one song... that one song that every word fit your life, perfect. "How sweet it is" by Michael Buble was mine. Ill always loves all of his songs, always. Well that is enough of my twiterpated from me. Here are the lyrics to the song of my life. {To the love of my life}

"How Sweet It Is"
Needed the shelter of someone's arms
And there you were
Needed someone to understand my ups and downs
And there you were
With sweet love and devotion
Touching my emotions
I wanna stop
And thank you baby
I just wanna stop
And thank you baby
Whoa Oh Yeah
How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you
I close my eyes at night
Wondering where would I be without you in my life?
Everything I did was such a bore
Everywhere I went you know
I'd been there before
But you brighten up for me all my days
With a love so sweet in so many ways
I wanna stop
And thank you baby
I just wanna stop and thank you baby
Whoa, oh
How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you
You were better to me than I was to myself
For me there is you and there ain't nobody else
I wanna stop
And thank you baby
I just wanna stop
And thank you baby
Oh, whoa, oh
How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you

I love you Tyler.
His Randalynn Ranson Rasmussen

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Punishment

So many of you know about the adventure of me, Tyler, Mike, and Brady in my explorer. Haha So if you dont... here Ill tell you. We were really bored on the 25th... {I remember cause I bought my cute green dress hehe} and we were in my explorer. We went up little pole drive. About 2/3 the way up we stop and I let Tyler drive. At the top we find some huge mud puddles, so I give Tyler permission to drive though them. No lie... it was way fun. Haha. After he was done we stopped to see how muddy the truck was.

He did a pretty good job at making it muddy. Haha so we took it back into town and got a car wash, which did a good job on the outside. And we also noticed it making a really weird noise. {and my dad was in Texas that week} So the next day my sister and I spend the morning getting more mud out of the wheel wells and some out of the engine. Holy crap. I have never seen so much mud in a car. Haha.

So my dad came home that friday. My mom had started driving the explorer again and noticed the strange new noise. So on Thursday of the next week, she had my dad take it for the day. {I was getting really nervous that something really would be wrong} So Thursday was the silver team meet and I helped out. My dad called and I missed it, but his message was "You better have a good story of all the mud in my engine and the reason my front suspension is broken"

I dont think there is any other word to describe it but "shit". So I went to hannah to vent a little. {Thanks hannah... haha i was freaking out so much} So i calm down. When I got home, my parents were gone getting my mom's new car {which is sweet} so i went right to bed. I had to babysit that next morning and didnt come home and see my dad till around noon. Then I told probably the biggest lie in the world. I told him we got stuck in the mud up by Abby's. Haha. He kinda bought it.... but eh. So my punishment wasnt too bad: cleaning the engine out from more mud and replacing the shock i broke. Eh.

So thats what I did most of Friday. I got covered in grease cleaning the engine. ^^ Haha. The shock took a lot of taking off nuts and bolts and crap. But it wasnt bad. It was worth it though. Haha cause I got to hang out with that one kid after. :D

Oh then last night, my parents spent the night at Brighton, so Tyler, Berto, Hannah, Jeb, and I kinda just layed on my driveway talking and sleeping and such till around 11 or so. Haha. That was oddly really fun. Last night was awesome. haha.

Much love to my blog family.
<3 Randalynn

ps. you should still go comment the new pictures I have on myspace. The only ones that have are jeb and berto... and tyler commented my one of me covered in grease. Hahaha.