Sunday, September 23, 2007

The things before I die...

I have been thinking about the things that I want to do in my life.
This is basically everything I would love to do before I die.

Graduate from the U


Get married to the love of my life on a California Beach
Have everyone at the wedding barefoot. :)

Go to Disneyland and California Adventure for my honeymoon

Go Skydiving

Have three beautiful kids. With his eyes.

Live somewhere like Northern California or Oregon

Go to Hawaii and see a sunset with the palm trees

Go back to Busch Gardens in Virginia
And ride the rides I was too short to ride back in the day

Coach a swim team like the Silver or Gold teams.
And have at least one of my kids swim.

Watch my kids grow up and graduate.

Grow old and be with him forever.

Always be happy, even though the toughest times.

Someday Ill look to the days of beings young realized how wonderful life was. I know there is a lot more I want in my life... but this is the basics. And i couldnt be more happy if this came true.

Much love to my blog family.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Realizing the meaning of Happiness

Hello my blog family. Its been a while since my last blog. With the lack of motivation, subject, and computer... its been kinda tuff. But i now have all three. My computer is nicely humming in my bedroom once again. Different computer... but its not like I look down to it onto the floor and care. My motivation and subject are pretty much the same and a quite simple and one word.

This blog is about how tonight, on this rainy, cold, fall night, I realized the meaning of happiness.
I realized that dreams can come true. I realized that I am in love. I realized that when he says he loves me, and the way his eyes never move from mine when he says it, I know that its the truth. That I am the only one for him and he is the only one for me. I also realized that I dont know how i lived this long not having a kiss in the rain like that. Ok, and I realized that cold rain makes you really cold and wet. haha. But makes cool looking hair.

Ok... pause to that thought. At this very moment... Jeb just called me. At 11:40, that crazy girl just said "Whats nude?" me being confused... "me!" she said then hung up. What a freaking crazy girl. Im so glad that just happened while i was writing this blog. hahahaha oh Jeb, I love you.

So the second meaning of happiness. Friends. Its sometimes not really there lately... but when Jeb does the funny things she does, which just gives me a huge giggle... and i know that thats what friends do. Is make each other happy and always care. I cant really tell you who I think my best friend is. I dont really have one. I even have great friends far out of the group that no one knows about.

Ok last thing. Homecoming. Is going to be laksdjfalksdjf amazing. Im so excited. And for those of you that dont even know.... this is gonna me mine and lurpe's first date. Haha. I dont even know who is all in my group... i just know its like 24 people. Haha.

Ok well this is enough of me rambling on. I love you all. Much much love

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sitting here... very very bored

Hello blog family. since school started, the blogs have kinda slowed down, which is kinda sad. oh well i can live. So i have been thinking about homecoming... the other day i offically got asked by Lurpey. Tyler has asked hannah. But who else is going with who??? dang... i dont know anything right now about anyone hehe. Im excited to see what the guys are planning for us and to even see who's group ill be in. haha. It should be super fun. And i would like to go dress shopping with people... or not, with my mom. Either one is good. I have no idea what kinda dress I want. Kinda thinking a pink and getting my hair re-dyed so that they matched each other which would be kinda neat. Anyways...

I love you my blog family.
Randalynn. :)