Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I love...

Lately there has been things that suck, and make me depressed. So why not think the things that make me happy?

  • Dancing under the stars with my favorite song and the love of my life
  • Hogging an entire lane just to talk to someone during warm-up
  • Singing like no one is around, but when someone is there listening
  • Having that 42 oz. Dr Pepper after any hard workout
  • Finally talking to someone after a long time
  • Seeing my little cousins growing up
  • Taking pictures with Tyler and My sister
  • Singing like an insane person while getting ready with my sister
  • Taking long naps and talking while in his arms
  • Being completely comfortable with him, no matter what
  • Finding where someone is ticklish {hehe}
  • That complete feeling after something tuff
  • Knowing this swim season is the best ever and I get to help
  • Singing in the shower and not caring who can hear me
  • Having an old friend care a lot about you
  • Watching Star Wars every Saturday after swim and falling asleep after eating mcdonalds
  • Wrapped up in a blanket, watching the game with him
  • How easy it is to sneak out / in my house
  • My parents leave all night to party. And makes it easy to just walk out.
  • Eating cookie dough because of its wonderness {and sugarness}
  • Being with Him. :)
I love you all.

Ps. I have new pictures on myspace. :) yay. go lookie
Pss. Just because the Red Sox won the world series, doesnt mean they are world champs. They would have to go against THE WORLD to become world champs. Just for you Tyler. Haha

Friday, October 19, 2007

Not even in the mood to talk about swimming...

So it comes to this. I'm sorry to everyone. Maybe some have noticed the change in me. I feel that it isn't of that of growing up or more immature. Or gaining attention or loosing it. Its trying to grow up, but still be me. Its blushing when I get attention but hate when I get none. Its the that I feel I'm not important in what I work for. My grades are slacking, my swimming isn't any better. My friends are fading. My life as I know it... this "amazing" high school experience... is hell.

Everyone knows about my depression with the seniors leaving. The days with 'senior day' and 'college day' and ordering caps and gowns... those are my worst. The days we win swim meets and knowing next year, we will be just like we were 5 years ago... down at the bottom... winning against Carbon and Oakley... woohoo... NOT. I heard Coach talking to Becca about next year. He won't need tryouts... because there will be no one. The person cheering at the end of the pool for my backstroke won't change though... I'll see my sister. Like always. I hate how much the people have faded.

I can't get the picture of my head.... me watching the seniors graduate... and honestly... me crying. You all saw me at Don Pedros. Britta... you saw me in chemistry that one time. Tyler... you know everything about how I'll be. I know you won't be gone forever... but you will be gone. You wont be at lunch, or at breakfast, or even at the drinking fountain corner after school.

Whatev. I'm done. I'm in the worst mood. Since March 1st. Oddly enough... there is a play tonight as well as that night.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Swimming, Work, and School, with a party between

Since the school year has been getting really serious now, life has been getting crazy. The other day at work, I spent about 4 1/2 hours doing homework and still wasn't done. I didn't even know I had that much work to do, but apparently I did. Swimming is already taking over my life. I dunno why but it was hard for me to get 7 practices in. There are days where I just really do not want to get in, and really do not want to deal with Becca. So i don't. Starting this week, I'm going to be pushing for at least 8 or 9. Work is work... just takes and wastes a lot of my time and its getting annoying. That could be another reason that I don't want to get in, cause I get sick of sitting there working. So yeah.

Homecoming was super fun. The game was alright. Other than I left. haha. 25 to 24.. good try Wasatch. The dance was way fun. My date was of course Lurpey. We went rock climbing and found out I'm actually really good. Haha and no, I didn't fall for Tyler saying he had 6 toes on his right foot. Haha Cafe Rio after {yummy} and then we got ready. I love getting dressed up. I love seeing everyone dressed up as well. I didn't hyperventilate like at prom with Britta because we were also beautiful with everyone, instead of in jeans like prom. The dance was fun, I actually spent more time with Tyler than Lurpey. Haha. Me and Jesse, Trent's girlfriend, almost danced... in a very close kinda way which was really funny and fun. So yeah, my homecoming rocked. :D

I love you all, sorry for the lack of blogging. I don't really do anything now with swimming.
Oh...Black and Gold is this Tuesday. Everyone that doesn't swim should come and cheer on the black team... my team. :)

Much Love