Sunday, November 11, 2007

Not bustin the cap this time... But the Cowboys did

So this weekend was the Richfield meet. Here are the Results of my races:

  • A Medley Relay

2:09.50 Randi Ranson (11) Katie Young (12) Jessica Swainston (10) Veronica R. Hunsaker (10)

  • 100 Free
1:04.75Y { -0.34}

  • 100 Back
1:15.49Y F {1.24}

  • 400 Free Relay
4:23.93 Mary Kathryn Brown (10) Randi Ranson (11) Kristen Anderson (9) Erin Wynn (11)

Ok so 100 free went good, 100 back gained some time cause I missed the pad like the medley, and 400 free relay, we werent even focused and got a crappy time and still took 4th. If we would have been focused, Wasatch Girls would have taken 2nd instead of 3rd because we were only 2 points behind. So, sorry girls.

6 hours was the estimate of the time of the meet. Forever. Can we say sit around for hours for your next race? Lame. oh, like the 500 races taking a solid hour. Holy Crap. Sadly enough, this time was never taken to do what we did last year and put little Randi into a swimming cap again. I even brought a worn out slightly ripped cap so that we could. So, i didn't bust the cap... dang.

Today {Sunday} I was with Tyler basically all day. Went to his house, had breakfast. Watched football. Went to Gomez' house and watched football. Cowboys won of course. Hehe. {No Tyler, that is not me turning into a Cowboys fan} The San Diego Chargers also were having a rather good and entertaining game until I had to leave. So today was full of food, football, and cuddling with my Ty Ty. Pretty much perfect day for me.

This week is Park City meet on Wednesday so everyone should come that doesn't swim.
Love you all.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

We Can Do It... Enano Style!!!

So an addition to last night was this. Enano pretending to be the poster of "We can do it". I photoshoped it and made it a look alike... like it?

Comment! Pretty Amazing Eh? haha

Love, Randi

Black Pearl and Alphabet Soup

Tonight was an interesting night. I spent most of the day with Tyler and then joined by Spiva and Enano around 8. Spiva came over by asking Tyler if he wanted to finish off his drink called Black Pearl. I don't know how else to explain this... buts its an energy drink that basically makes guys more excited shall we say {site at bottom of blog, check it out, its crazy}. Tyler had a little, but not enough to be really effected. Spiva was pretty much crazy the whole night. Haha. Enano just kept telling us to take him home. Haha. It was just nice being with friends since no one else seemed to want to do anything. Morgan was the only one that really texted me back asking if anyone wanted to do anything... oh well.

Whatev. For all you people that complain that I'm never around anymore or don't call you... honestly... I don't really want to hear it. I tried. I quit. I even saw people hanging out beings how they were two doors down from my own house. So if you want to do anything... you call me. Or even text... I have unlimited anyways... oh well.

So yeah... interesting night with 3 guys that are basically the funnest guys to be around. Yay.
Talk to you all Monday at school since we don't do anything over the weekend.

Bye, Randi

ABOUT BLACK PEARL: Go to this site and read the warning at the bottom... omg. haha