Sunday, December 23, 2007

More randomness of life...

December 23rd. The day I'm with Tyler for 6 months and 28 days, the same amount of time with Nathaniel, my longest relationship. Wow. Time is going so fast. Its almost the end of the semester. That was quick... way too quick.

The weirdest one so far is telling people how old I am. 17.... weird. 18 is so close yet so far. Ugh. I don't want another year... I want to be done with high school and stuff. Oh well.

So this is the end of my blog. I guess I only write in it for myself... Im not even sure if anyone really reads it. Meh.

Love to my blog family. Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

December... Shit

Well the ideas of posting my times on here failed. Such as actually blogging at least once a week. Oh well.

Most of you are probably wondering about the title of this blog. Well, no lie, i hate December. But you are probably now wondering something different, "Why Randi? Your birthday. Christmas. Snow!" Okay so here is what I say to that. My birthday, its just one more year. Nothing special. Christmas, its just one day of happiness out of 31 days of stress of the month. Snow sucks. Nothing more to say to that.

December is always the toughest on me and probably a lot of people. Every day this month I'm either working, swimming, or wasting my time on the polar express. The only times I'll even see Tyler is at school and if he is able to see me at work. My family is starting this new thing where Kiristin and me pick a night or two of the month and prepare and make a dinner. Oddly enough, I have one day I could do it, and its a Sunday. {Don't worry, clam chowder is my pick. Yummy}

And being sick doesn't help much. I started getting sick on Wednesday and it didn't really any better at all. Thursday was the meet and sucked. Friday coach ordered me stay home and rest, so I did. Saturday I worked and babysat. And here I am on Sunday coughing my lungs out and feeling like my head is a ticking time bomb about to explode. I just can't wait for it to end.

Well, I think thats enough complaining for today. I love you all.
Hope you have a better December than me.

Love, Randalynn

Ps. I was bored and drew a little calendar.