Sunday, May 25, 2008

Let's try this again, shall we?

It has been brought to my attention that the blog family blog will not let you comment unless you are already an author. So comment your email addresses to this blog.... and I will get to that as soon as possible. I now have a computer back into my bedroom and now that school is out and my second job hasn't started yet... i will probably be spending a lot of time on this.

For those of you that are lacking on the blog reading and are just being informed about this so called family blog... please read my previous blog....

Love you all oh so very much...
Randalynn Pandalynn

P.S. I have updated my myspace pictures with the ones taken at graduation. Enjoy and steal if wanted.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Blog Family Blog

So I have been thinking... Since the seniors are leaving... I thought we could have a blog for everyone to write in. It could be more to write notes to each other and things like that were we would still write in our own blogs like the usual. Anybody up for it?
Go to: and leave your email address as a comment of the first blog. :)
Love you all...
Randalynn... Pandalynn

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Wonderful Month of May

Valentine Flower

Happy May my blog family... it's that time of year once again. Flowers, warmth, green grass, feeding ducks... all the good stuff. But this is the year that you seniors will leave. I wake up every morning knowing it's one day closer to the day you guys graduate. I'm going to miss you guys... a lot. So like everyone has made a little letter for someone... I'm going to do that as well... but just for the seniors. So enjoy...

Berto: Thanks for being there whenever I needed to talk to anyone. I know we haven't been as close as we used to be... but it has still been nice to give you those big hugs like I always used to do. I'll never forget my "ride buddy" at Disneyland or my "cuddle buddy" on lazy Sundays. I'll never forget out 10 cent grass joke as we layed on the Dunbeck's drive way. I love Berto and all his amazing things. I love you Beto. :)

Jennifer: Oh Jebby... ever since the day Neil and I started what was called "dating"... I felt that we kinda weren't as close... until we had amazing photography and darkroom moments. "I love the smell of the darkroom! Haha" and painting instead of photography things. Haha you're so amazing and I'm sure you will go far in life... just don't go too far that you forget what was behind you. I love you Jebby. :)

Morgan: You truely have had an impact on my life. Now I'm starting to recycle and think more about the enviroment, haha. I love that you have ideas of your own and are very creative. In some ways... I truely am the little Morgan... which really isn't a bad thing at all. :) have fun in college and don't forget us. I love you Morgan. :)

Hannah: Wow... haven't the years past so so fast? It's weird to think you dated Jake and I was dating Nathaniel. Those were the days... as "The Six". Thanks so much for pretty much being amazing always to me. And I'm also proud of you swimming this year. You really did an awesome job! Even though you will be starting school this summer... it would really be nice to see you once in a while. I love you Hannah.

Michael: Michael William CARR!!! Oh man I love you. Disneyland was basically amazing and I'll never forget to always go on the Star Wars ride very first next time I go, just like you said to. I hope college is super freaking sweet, but I also hope you will come back to hang out with us because it will make our lives super freaking sweet. Haha. I love you Michael William. :)

Nathaniel: First... I would like to thank you for a few things. Without you, I wouldn't have the friends I have now. I would be stuck with those loser, stoner, skater "friends", yuck. The second thing I would like to thank you for is swimming. I'm pretty sure if you didn't keep pushing me through the season and summer, I would probably would have quit in an instant. Even though we haven't really talked for a long time, you are probably one of the people I will miss the most. You're such a fun person to be around, and honestly... thats why I liked you two years ago. Have fun in college... but not too much fun... because I don't want Tyler ending up being dead or anything else bad. I love you Enano. :)

Neil: Hmm. Well, this is going to be short. I thought we would get married, but I guess I saw what everyone else saw later and realized we could never be together for that long, ever. It was fun while it lasted, but its better that we aren't like that anymore. If you ever feel like you wanna talk to me again... I would like it... you could write me and we actually could become long distance pen pals. Okay... maybe email pen pals. Good luck with college and Postcards from Hell.

Tyler: What can I say other than I love you? You truely are the love of my life. Even though you be 2 hours away and I'll only get to see you sometimes... I know that as soon as the year of hell is through that we can be together. Don't worry, I would definatly come up to Logan to go to school if it meant I could be closer to you. :) Everything I want to say has already been said... a million times, so I really have no idea what to write. Haha. You're My Everything. I love you Tyler Chad Rasmussen... and I always will. :)