Saturday, June 28, 2008

50's cars, Ice Cream, and the Bucket List

First off... I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Britta on the 26th and Enano today.

Happy Birthday
Today was quite a wonderful day. Out of all 24 hours of the day... I spent a total of 15 hours with Tyler... the rest was composed of sleeping. My final waking was around 11, which was nice to finally sleep in this week. After I got ready and such, Tyler and I went to the 50's car show that was at the park. It was completely worth it. The cars were so amazing that we were both drooling half of the time over the mustangs and cameros. While walking around in the heat, I had the sudden urge to have an ice cream cone (ice cream cones have been my new obsession since the perfect cone at swim camp). Sherbet sounded really good, so instead of going to Granny's, where my sister was working, we decided to go to the DK. Good choice cause it was freaking fantastic. I love ice cream cones.
orange sherbet.=heart
As we sat there and had the fantasticness.... the biggest guy in the world sat next to us. After glancing over at him a few times, I realized (from being in anatomy) that he had a disease called acromegly. If you have ever seen the movie The Princess Bride, the giant on it has this same disease. (Andre the Giant) It also causes retardation... which was soon obviously shown when this man started talking to us. He started asking us weird things like if we were here for diving... which I didn't understand at all. The final thing he said to us was this: "I got a suprise today.........I went into the bathroom in McDonalds and found out there is a TV in there" I know it's kinda mean to say this, but I wanted to laugh a lot. So I kept the laughter in my head till later. Oh and the other thing I noticed is that he had a salad from KFC and a drink from Sonic, in the DK... AND had been to McDonalds.... holy crap.
After that adventure, we decided to relax a little and watch movies. We found ourselves at my house and watching the movie Airplane. I love that movie, a lot. When it was through, we went to Smiths to get drinks and then to get Tyler's mom's credit card to get a Redbox movie. Our choice this time was the movie called The Bucket List. This movie is probably the best serious movie I have seen in a really long time. I recommend it, but only if you are in an okay mood. I think if I were previously in a depressed mood, that this movie would kill me. It is really sad and is deep.... but I absolutely loved it. It makes you think more about life and how to spend it.
Let's just say... tears were in my eyes at the end and bringing up the subject of Tyler being in Logan next year wasn't a good idea.
bucket list
The ending to my day made it all better, sitting outside with blankets with the love of my life, watching the stars one at a time appear in the sky. We both were completely ourselves and comfortable with each other. We talked about a lot of things that most couples don't. I know I'll marry him... it's like we already are. I love him. I love our perfect lives.
watching the stars
Well, I'm off to bed. I have work in the morning.
Much Much love, {happy} Randalynn

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pictures of Swim Camp

Long due, here is the slideshow of swim camp. If you want to read about it... it's on Victor's page... and it's pretty epic. We all had tons of fun.

Well... Enjoy.

Love, Randalynn
p.s. I took more pictures of just me as well.. most will be posted in my myspace album... betwa
p.p.s Happy 13th 25th yay

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


They are dumb. Here are the facts:

Assumptions leave people out. People assume I'm always with Tyler and never text me. Oh well

Assumptions make it so people think my blogs are about them... maybe they should look a bit around them instead of thinking it's them. I wouldn't waste my blog talking about ONE person.

Assumptions are pretty much dumb.

This is my blog for the day. I'm off to work.

Not Much Love.... Randalynn

Monday, June 23, 2008

Drama Drama Drama


Just like middle school, right? What's up with this? Not saying any names.... but holy cow. I came home to drama, then just yesterday learned of more.

Why can't we just love one another? And I'm not trying to be "hippie approved", this is the true Randi talking. Before you get mad at someone, just think how middle-school-like your being.

Thinking is good. It keeps the mind going.... maybe you'll get over the dumb reason. Don't be like the little baby at the top.

No one likes an over-dramatic person.... it's really annoying.
Love, Randalynn
Wonderful quote: "The more you complain, the longer god makes you live" -Unknown

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Off to Swim Camp

BYU Logo = punch face
Michael Phelps = Bouncy Thing From Taryns Myspace

Tomorrow morning I make my way to the not so fabulous BYU to go to the ultra fabulous swim camp. I'm way exicted. I week with rooming with my sister (her funeral is the weekend after, haha), and hanging out with my bestest buddy, Victor, and the most amazing Jimmi. I'm kinda out of shape... but I'm still going to work hard and try to learn a lot.

The bad thing: a week from my little Ty Ty. You guys all reading this are probably like "oh shut up randi its only a week... bleh bleh bleh", but I really don't want to be away from him since he will be in Logan next year. I guess I'm a tough girl, I'll live.... ugh. Oh and my Leonidas... I just got him used to me in the week I have had him... I don't want him afraid of me again. Dam...Dang

The good thing: being away from life, people, money, work, chores, parents, and.... the betrayer/the one that doesn't trust me.

Well... thats all I have. Next blog will probably be on Friday, I expect awesome blogs to read when I get back.

Love, Randalynn

Saturday, June 14, 2008

If we had tattoos....

So honestly... I have always wanted a tattoo. But something just small and something I would like for a while. If you could have any tattoo (real or not... like henna or something), what would it be?

Here is the one that I really like. But like I said, small and simple.

It's interesting to look up and see all the things people would put on their bodies. I actually believe it's an art... not bad. I think it's just stupid when people would put a band logo or name or something stupid like that. But you think of the tribes that live in places like Africa and South America.... no one thinks bad about them.
Don't judge cause I want a tattoo. I like them.
Love, Randalynn

Hearts Are for Squares

Yes... hearts are for squares... either way you see it.
Randi shouldn't be left alone to draw pictures on her whiteboard
Love, Randalynn

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Entertainment Us Humans Need

As I sat there talking to Leonidas who doesn't even have ears... I wondered. Would a betta fish really get mad at seeings itself in the mirror? So yes, the curious Randalynn found the nearest mirror.

Isn't it sad what us human need as entertainment? Just think. Watching fish fight a reflection. Any video game. Eating junk food for fun. Blogging. Texting. I dunno. It just seems rather weird to me.

I think I'm going to start doing things like watching the clouds and the stars. Reading a book. Feeing the ducks. Going for a walk or a bike ride. Sleeping on a blanket out on the grass. And Exercising more.

Well... I know it's nothing like the amazing deep thoughts that Jeb, Morgan, and Britta can make... but hey... it atleast got to me....

Love, Randalynn

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That Disney Watching Mood

Disney Characters

What is better to do on a rainy day than to watch Disney movies? Absolutly nothing. It's fantastic. The only issue is... I wanna watch three movies... but I can't decide which one. Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and The Little Mermaid. Haha. I decided on Sleeping Beauty, just because I haven't seen it in a while. I would watch Little Mermaid, but I only have it on DVD and I wanna watch it in my bedroom where there is only a VCR player. So yeah. I'll get on watching the other two.

Well this blog is kinda boring.... I'll stop.

Love, Randalynn
p.s. Does anyone have the movie Alice in Wonderland? The preview for it just came on and I realized I don't even have it. Haha

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lookey Here

Arrow left

So if you are reading this blog while it's rather recent... look to the left of it and you will see my new discovery. I think everyone should have this on their page. You just copy and paste the URL's to everyones blog and it tells you who last blogged and how long ago. This will eliminate going page to page to page seeing if anyone blogged. Anyways... thought i would share that will you.

Much love to the Blog Family.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bordness leads to Blogness

So yeah. I'm super bored. I should be getting ready to go to Provo so that Kris and I can be modest when we go to BYU next week for swim camp, but I guess I decided blogging would be better.

This week starts the insaneness of the next few weeks. I work a lot this week, including two days with atleast 12 hour working. I took a job up in Park City lifeguarding at the Silver Mountain Sports Club. It's a way nice pool and outdoors, so bye bye whiteness of Randalynn. I still work at the pool down here so it's a lot of driving there and riding my bike here. I think gas will be okay beings how I'm starting out at $9 just watching a pool and working on my tan.

Next week, as already said, Kris, Jimmi, Victor, and I will be making our way down to BYU to work our butts off in the pool for a week. But I love swim camp, so much. I don't think it will compare to last year, beings how Enano, Lurpe, and Jake won't be there with us. Oh well... it'll still be way freaking fun.

Well, nothing else really to say... I have just been kinda rambling on this blog.

Love you all.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leonidas (and the 300 spartans haha)

captain morgan

Thats my new fish's name, Leonidas. Because he has an awesome red cape like tail and fights to the death cause he is a betta. He freaking rocks. Just to let you know. And he seems to want to be the only one listening to me tonight. Haha. And no, that wasn't emo at all.

So soon after watching those youtube movies of the potter puppet pals, I found out that they had been out for quite a long time. Dang... I don't feel so cool anymore. Well, I'm really bored. And can't sleep. Since I haven't seen most of you, I guess I can say whats goin down with my summer. I haven't done much at all. I have gone down to Provo twice this week which is like a record since I only really go once or twice in a month. The ACT is this Saturday and I haven't studied whatsoever... but I have been told that its easier the second time anyways.

So yeah... thats just about it.

Oh yeah! We have 2 offical members of the blog family. I found out that Natalie has a new blog... so I added her to my list. And just tonight.... actually right after I get done with this blog.... little Victor is joining. Yay! Okay... well it's late and Randalynn shouldn't even be allowed to make a mark on the internet with her weirdness.

Love you all..
Randalynn Pandalynn. :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Highlight of My Day

So once upon a time... a little girl named Randalynn went on to the great Youtube to find some entertainment. And there she was greeted by who goes by the Potter Puppet Pals. So for my 100th blog on this fine June day... I'll share my favorties.

"Wizard Swears"
"The Mysterious Ticking Noise"
"School Is For Losers"
So I recommend looking the rest up, cause their are more. Thanks for reading all hundred of my blogs. :) I love the blog family.

Much love, Randalynn Pandalynn
p.s. read the blogs before this for the blog family blogs if you have not done so already

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ah Summer....


So my summer is going pretty sweet. Last week I had off so that I could enjoy the amazingness of summer.... and this week I have been working lots, but it hasn't been completely crappy, just exhausting. I hope everyone has been doing okay. I saw Jebby today and her awesome tan that I'm way jealous of, and she seemed like she was having a good summ. But if anyone wants to ever do anything... don't just assume I'm gonna always be with that cute kid or at work, I like to hear from you guys, and I would come hang out... if i get invited. I have an issue with going places uninvited.... so yeah.

Well text me whenever. I'll give you a 90% chance I'll text back.... haha. the other 10% would be me wanting sleep or I really have to work. Haha

Love you all and hope you're all having a kick ass summer....
Randalynn Pandalynn
P.S. Send me your emails so that you can be an author of the blog family blog. Jeb was the only one to do so. Thanks Jeb. :) i love you