Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If you really wanted to know:

Everyone is putting their schedules up for next year... so I guess I would... finally.

I checked it a while ago, but I only had a few classes so I decided to wait. Here it goes:

1st Swimming
2nd CAD Drafting (and getting out)
3rd nothing yet
4th AP Bio
5th Business Communications
6th nothing yet
7th Graphic Design
8th AP Spanish

Everything is filled for 2nd Semester. That's good:

1st Swimming
2nd CAD (won't be in it)
3rd Digital Photography (Everyone should take this class! Take Photo 1 first sem)
4th AP Bio
5th Business Communications
6th American Gov
7th Graphic Design
8th AP Spanish

Well, That's all. I don't even know if anyone is really ever reading this. Oh well. It keeps me entertained for a bit.

Much love, Randalynn

p.s. the pool party for fair days was freaking insane. i almost killed a few kids.

Thing to Ponder: How does the snow plow driver get to work?

Monday, July 28, 2008

I Love...

It has truely been a while that I have written one of these. So here I go:

  • the way fresh cut grass turns your shoes green
  • the breeze that comes when even the smallest cloud covers the sun for a moment
  • knowing your helping while others don't care
  • being appreciated
  • having the love of my life
  • drawing smiley faces everywhere
  • when the sun can instantly warm you when cold
  • watching Disney movies
  • poker night
  • hanging out with the guys
  • "being one of the guys" haha
  • feeling like the 5th child of their family
  • feeling completely comfortable with strangers
  • making people smile by giving fun b-day cards
  • a really good nap
  • half frozen sodas
  • food from the hub
  • nesquik chocolate milk
  • getting a text from someone i haven't heard from in a while
  • post-it notes
  • my freaking awesome tan line on my back
  • walking around barefoot
  • the butterflies in my stomach i get from him
  • roller coaster tycoon
  • the kids from swim lessons that amaze you
  • when fat babies smile
  • talking to his brother about star wars
  • and teaching him the things he didn't know
  • feeling like a star wars nerd
  • laying on the grass with a blanket
  • watching the stars pop out of the sky
  • feeding the ducks
  • half-camping
  • HALO (except for the flood)
  • chicken wings from dominoes
  • dancing and singing when no one else is home
  • being able to cuddle his brother. :P
  • the thoughts of having him forever
  • when his family tells him he'll be a good father
  • (and miss) my best friend
  • my job in Park City
  • a good pay check
  • warm vanilla sugar lotion
  • accidentally signing my name with his last name
  • home made coffee (starbu)
  • knowing i make a difference is someone's life
  • how much my family supports me
  • that both of our families can see us getting married
  • sleeping for 10 hours
  • zoolander
  • Leonidas
  • the blog family
  • postcards from hell
  • being 50% naked 50% of the time
  • how the local grind's coffee doesn't burn your tongue
  • laughing to the point i cry
  • tyler chad rasmussen
  • you! :)

I didn't want to make it too long. Sorry... most of you will probably not even read this. Oh well.

Good Night, Randalynn

Thing to Ponder: Whose cruel idea was it for the word lisp to have an s in it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Coolest Picture

You would like I would have found it online or something... but no. I know the guy who took this picture... and he is pretty much the most amazing guy I know. I'm way jealous of the zoom lense he has (lense that ables you to be that close, jeb and morgan I know know this)

So yeah. Nothing else has been quite bloggable lately. Today I'm sick... tomorrow I'm doing nothing... and Thursday I leave with Tyler and his family camping. Thats all.

Much Love, Randalynn

P.s. It was a butterfly if you couldn't tell....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Things to Ponder

So on my iGoogle page (just a way to personalize your google page) I have a setting called things to ponder and everyday it gives me really good things to ponder. From now on on my blogs I think at the end I'm going to put things to ponder just like Britta puts quotes. For right now I'll share some of the ones I have liked.

Why is it that when you transport something by car it is called a shipment but when you transport something by ship it is called cargo?

Scientists say the universe is everything. But when they say the universe is expanding... where is it expanding to?

Why do tugboats push their barges?

Why did God give men nipples?

Why does the phone company give you a phone number to call when your phone is broken?

Where does the lost sock in the washer and dryer go?

Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

Just funny things that really make since. I come across some pretty good ones, like the universe one. I love it. Haha nerdy me. So yeah. Thought I would share.

Love, Randalynn
Ponder of today: (My dad came up with this) If everything tastes like chicken, why don't eggs?
P.S. Make sure you read the blog before this one. Holy Crap. :P

Friday, July 18, 2008

WTF... The World

WOW. This commercial has been on the air and is constantly playing.

What is the world coming to? Hahahahahahahaha

Awkward... but bloggable.

Love, Randalynn

Music Galore

Recently... okay more like weeks ago... I discovered my dad's wonderful hardrive of music. You wouldn't even believe how much there is on this thing. I have been searching through it for weeks and am still finding new things. You guys and your 80 gig ipods and zunes have pretty much nothing to this 250 gig. Haha.

I came home from the concert in the park to my mom telling me she got a free 7 day membership to Napster. It's pretty neat and we have been downloading lots of things tonight. I also was put in charge of ripping my mom's "NOW" cd's and putting them onto this hardrive. Another thing I have been wanting to do is fixing the names of some songs on my MP3 player.

I have been swimming in music all night. It's weird how many songs I have stuck in my head...

The point of this story is if you would like to come over and see the music and have some... I would be more than happy to let you. Just text me and bring your cd's. :)

Love, Randalynn
p.s. All the songs are in MP3 format. Btw.
p.p.s Word of Advice: don't drink 4 cokes and then do computer things. It does funny things

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A 6 on the Scale

On the happiness scale from 1 to 10... I would have to say it's a 6. Compared to last night's 1... I guess you can say I'm okay now. Turns out I don't hate them... but they did forget the deal. The deal that depends on seeing him at all. Last night sucked. I probably got a total of 4 or 5 hours of sleep. For me to even function and want people around me it has to be atleast 8 to 9 hours.

Swim lessons was the last thing I wanted to do, but I didn't have a choice. I didn't go to my in-service in Park Shitty at 7:30... yeah right. But after I woke up to my alarm to go... I didn't fall back asleep. But my kids were okay. After being in the pool for 2 and half hours, my last class was super silly and funny and helped me be happy. That's all though.

I won't be making my way to poker night, I'll be on the lake again. I love the water. No matter how much I think I get sick of it... I miss it again. The pool or the lake. I love it. That should make me up to atleast a 8 on the happiness scale... maybe even more.

So the only real point of this blog is for you not to worry... if you even cared or even read my blogs. Oh well.

Love, Randalynn
P.S. You really don't even have to read my blog. It really is more for my release and entertainment. I love you though.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Cry Headache

You know that feeling you get in the back of head that stretches to the back of your eyes the moment you hear or read something so pounding and crappy that it makes you want to cry and have a nasty headache?

I have one.

The reason is is that I just found out that there might be rare seeing of Tyler next year. No car for him. His parents are dumb and feeling bad for little Leann to have the jeep.

No lie. Hearing this is like having the moths which I haven't fully had since I read that blog on Tyler's on April 4th about Alex. This is ten time worse than having my dad shoot a air blaster with walnut shells at me and stinging my legs and arms today. It makes me want to kinda hit the people that are only going to be away from each other for a month because of how lucky they are that that is it. For once I hate his family... his parents...

I don't want to go to bed. I'll start thinking. But I have to be in Park Shitty at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

36 days till I'm offically a senior. 36 days till I'm offically alone. :(

Somewhat love, Randalynn
It's just the way I love to start my week... yeah freaking right. Ugh

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boarding. Amazingness. Burns and Bugs

The weekend in Starvation was absolutley wonderful. My sister stayed away from me, my parents were both in a good mood, and the love of my life was never farther that 20 feet away. He learned even more about wakeboarding and impressed us all with what he could already do. I made it so that I'm finally good enough at both wakeboarding and kneeboarding that I made goals that are reachable and would impress people. :)
I didn't want this trip to be awkward for him... but my dad makes that hard. I'm just really glad that he makes Tyler smile and laugh rather than feel awkward. I love Tyler being included in my family. They absolutley love him being around. And I love that. This trip was my first on-lake completely primative camping experience. I thought that when I went to Powell we did... but it doesn't really count when your boat has a full on bathroom, kitchen (with microwave and refrigerator), and water heater. It was fun being completely out on the beach. The sand was nice. Tyler and I made a sand beach house on the side of a hill. It was almost as soft as it the ocean sand is. I loved it. As for only a few hours though, Tyler and I were both getting pretty burned, so we spent much of the remander of the trip in the shade on the boat. Oh yeah. The ONLY thing I hated was the amount of bugs. Holy crap. But I couldn't ask for a more amazing weekend. Both days were beautiful. The water was warm and calm for the most part. It wasn't crowded. I had Tyler with me. Dinner and breakfast both made my stomach do the pregnant looking thing. And... got even more awesomeness to my awesome tan line. Sweet.

Well to end this blog, I thought I might share some pictures that I took over the weekend. (My family seems to never want to take pictures on trips, so I usually only do it.)

Kris wakeboarding Tyler crashing on wakeboard
My dad jumping over the wake

We call this the Randy flop My mommy
My mommy face planting it
Playing with the reflectionA little close... haha
So that is our adventure. I had loads of fun and now an awesome tan.
Thanks for reading.

Love, Randalynn

Friday, July 11, 2008

We're Going on an Adventure

Starting tomorrow morning bright and early at seven, Tyler and I get to spend the weekend with my family in Starvation. I'm really excited that Ty is coming with me. It will help Kiristin's life. Okay, not only that, but it makes me feel like Tyler is more in the family, which I hope someday he will. :) My family completely loves him and I'm told his loves me as well. That's really nice.

Anyways, beings how I haven't blogged for a while, here are the subjects I meant to blog about lately:

This week I watched a butterfly die. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I watched it as it tried to fly from my hands. I really hope I don't have to watch anyone or anything else die. Just seeing that butterfly made me sad.

So if you didn't know... I work at this amazing pool in Park City. I love working there. Being able to actually be a lifeguard instead of cleaning like I do here. And being outside. It's wonderful. The only thing I hate is how far it is... but for how much I love it... it's worth it.

I guess I could tell of Leonidas. I have never seen such a funny acting fish. He digs in the rocks in his bowl. He is always hungry. He doesn't react to the mirror anymore but gets mad when I come up to his bowl all close and haven't fed him yet. I love him. He is beautful and dumb. I love it. haha

I also love that one kid. We took funny pictures the other day at JR Smith. And then the sprinklers came on and almost literally scared the shit out of us. I don't even remember getting up from the ground cause it was so fast... cause we had our phones and my MP3 player on the grass... haha.
Well Thanks for Reading.
Love, Randalynn

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Seattle Fireworks

I can't even believe how excited I am to see fireworks. Holy crap.

I also can't believe how happy I was tonight with Tyler. My sister had dumb friends over and I didn't want them distroying the house. {If you know my sister or any of her friends... you would know that they would}. So Tyler and I stayed at my house and watched a movie upstairs while the idiots watched one downstairs. Our movie of choice was indeed one of my favorites, A Bug's Life. I won't go into grushy details what we talked about... but it definatly made me happy.

I sure hope you guys think the same as I do... but I can really see me and him getting married...

and I have heard that we would have some pretty gosh dang cute kids. :) I'm excited.

Well... that's all for today. Happy 4th of July. Be safe.

Love, Randalynn
p.s. i would absolutely love to see that picture in real life.
p.p.s. i miss my buddy :(
p.p.p.s okay... look at the freaking time i got this on... i rock.
p.p.p.p.s is it right to make the p's multiplying?
p.p.p.p.p.s or is it the s's?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So I have been trying to blog just about everyday, but it's been failing due to my uneventful life.

The only thing I have to blog about is this:

1. Guys can say really dumb things to their girlfriends when the rest of the guys are making fun of her as well.

2. I went to gambling night with a whole $2.25 and left with $11.25. All thanks to Tyler letting me borrow $0.75 when I was out. Awesome.

So at the moment I'm okay. The two things equal each other out, I guess.

Love, Randalynn