Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Amazingness and Crappyness So Far

So far... being a freaking senior of Wasatch High School... has been both amazing and crappy. Umm. I liked how Jebby did her blog... may I use it? Okay. I think she'll be okay with it. :)


  • Journalism. I love the crazyness of it. I'm always busy or thinking how I could be busy doing things for that class. Also, I'm now a photojounalist. I get a really nice camera from the school and take lots and lots of pictures of lots of school things. I will basically be just walking around the halls with a camera around my neck.
  • Photography. Not only am I a photojournalist... but I am also enjoying the class of Photo 1.. again. I get to help the other students with things and its actually kinda nice. Maybe when I'm old, I'll become a high school teacher... but just for photography? Haha.
  • Graphic Design. I now know what I want to do with my life. I want to be into the advervisement area. Being a photographer and graphic designer. I love it.
  • Spanish. I have never loved it more. My teacher says everything in spanish and its really helping me learn. I discovered that I really really suck at speaking it, but am actually pretty good at writing it because I can think and conjugate it in my mind better.
  • The newly molded group. Ed, Abby, Kristen, Garret Stout, and Ellen McCluskey have been eating lunch with us and being part. Its really nice with them around. Haha, we have played signs everyday at lunch so far out side. Its good to know that the group won't completely disappear ever.


  • First off. Our freshman are gone. (College :)) Crappy
  • I feel like my AP Bio class is completely wasting my time. (I used to think I wanted to go into physical therapy... but not anymore)
  • 1010 with Warnick makes me freaking fall asleep inside everyday.
  • Busniess Communications makes me feel like Im in the 3rd grade again. Picking out the nouns, verbs, and things like that. But Abby and I make it pretty fun. :p
  • Let's just say instead of one best friend... I have many that I just follow around. Oh well. Thats what I'm good for.
  • Lastly, swimming is kickin my butt. I'm so out of shape. My mile time was a 8:47. Creighton's brother went 6 something. Wow. Let's just hope that I'll be happy with swimming. I'm kinda getting sick of it. (And my butt hurts from today. Damn those lunges)

Thats about it. So yeah. I probably forgot somethings, but oh well. I'm tired.

Much Love, Randalynn

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Bike Ride

(Click to enlarge) (Is that what he said???)

Yesterday, I joined my dad in one of the longest bike ride known to man. Just kidding, but it sure did feel like it. Just so I don't bore you in the details.... I thought to simplifying it. (Oh just so you don't worry or anything... this was a motorcycle, not a bicycle. haha)

This was a charity ride for the National Guard and the families of the soliders. It felt really nice to be helping, other than my butt freaking hurt at the end.

I saw a lot of diffent "ecosystems". I don't know what else to call it. I saw; the city, the moutains, cliffs, the desert, and lakes. The hottest temperatures we were in was 102 and the lowest was in the 30's. I even saw were it was cold enough on the high mountains where aspen trees leaves were already changing colors. It was real nice.

Most of the time the group was going real fast. The speed limit was usually 40-65 mph... but we were always going atleast 20 miles over... wow. All I had to hold on to were the handles on the side by my thighs and we had to lean over everytime we turned. This made me really uncomfortable... cause I'm afraid of motorcycles.

The best part of it, in my opinion would have to be the scenic views, and seeing all the kids in the car smile and wave at us. I would think it would be cool too and wave if around 5o motorcycles just went past on the freeway. I almost always waved back... if I wasn't holding on for my dear life.

People usually sterotype bikers as mean people, but honestly, I don't think I have met any nicer people. These people gave an entire day to ride in honor of the soliders fighting for us. They always look out for one another. If someone got behind, they would stop and wait. No one was ever alone.

Okay, so finally I guess I'll actually tell where we went. We covered about 370 miles total. But it was completely worth it. And about gas.... motorcycles are amazing with gas mileage. The only problem is the tanks aren't very large. So there were many stops, which was nice on our butts. :) So for you guys saying that it's a dumb charity and just spent a lot on gas... I think my dad spent a total of $20 on gas for the entire day. That amazed me.

Much Love, Randalynn
Aka. Biker Barbie
(what my dad kept calling me all day)

Friday, August 15, 2008

my week in a nutshell.... a sucky one

This summer... has been sad.
This week... has been depressing.
And that day.... is going to be unbearable.
He is leaving. I can't take it. This sucks. :'( Most of you are probably just rolling your eyes or just thinking once again that I'm just complaining. I don't care. Next time just don't read this.
Do you guys remember how I could control my tears at graduation? I can't anymore. Enano even said to me that graduation was the happy part... leaving is the sad part.
I'm not motivated to do anything. My chores are never done and my errands are done later days. I barely sleep. I don't really eat. I have had pnemonia for the two weeks or so. I don't want to swim or even go to school.
I have been thinking of not joining swimming this year. For a few reasons. He is not my coach, and I won't be able to call him that. Theron is an asshole and is taking over Landon's spot. I can't stand him. All he does is bring me down lower and lower. I feel like nothing to the team, so why be on it? And lastly, everyone is making goals for me and I feel like I have to live up to their dreams. I dunno. I will join, because people want me to. But I can't see me caring very much.
I'll be alone. My best friend, other than my love, has been my fish. (in which i have not been motivated to clean his bowl very often. i'm sorry leonidas.) I'm not a person that likes to blame things on one person... but I do blame one for me no longer having the best friend that I did, and haven't since June.
Angry. Depressed. Frustrated. Unmovitated.
This is me for the year.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Offical Sched.

Comment me and tell me if you have any classes with me! :)

1. Journalism
2. Swimming
3. Photo 1 (2nd Sem turns it into Digital Photo)
4. AP Bio
5. Business Communications
6. Graphic Design (2nd Sem turns it into Am Gov)
7. Math 1010
8. AP Spanish

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thinking in Blog Fomat

Do you guys ever see something amazing and think it in your head as if you were typing it into your blog?

I don't even care to admit it... but I sure do.

Here are some things that I have thought about in what I'll call, "blog format thinking":

  • Seeing something worthy of taking a photo of
  • Watching someone inspire me
  • Knowing who my one true best friend is
  • Realizing the love triangle is gone
  • Choosing what school I want to go to
  • The complete relief after the most stressful weeks
  • Having someone absolutley amaze me
  • When he calls me and talks to me till I'm asleep
  • The thoughts of quitting swim
  • Putting more into the secret book
  • Thought of starting our family
  • When he is the only one to make me smile
  • Being in a relationship we both deserve
  • Making someone smile just by smiling
  • Helping people
  • Being sick of everyone and everything
  • Listening to his heartbeat
  • What song I'm in love with this week
  • Having MY opinion without being judged
  • My latest frustrations
Wow. Honestly, I didn't think I would be able to think of that many at the moment. When I think of those things in my head... they sometimes just go through my head as if I were blogging them to you on this very page. I'm weird I know. Oh well... something unique... unless any of you guys do it too.

Thats all I have for tonight. Good Night. Randalynn

P.s. I'm not doing the things to ponder.... everyone just seems to comment on them, not the actual blog.