Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Photoshop Dummies

Is she about to eat her friend??

Black people have white stomachs??? News to me

Where did that hand come from?

Cindy McCain has three arms.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Guitar Club is indeed Mystical

Street painting today! Yay. Artist: Eric Birkin. Painters: Britta, Randalynn, Kris, and sometimes Eric. (A guitar that turned into a fire breathing dragon and a wizard with a green G on his hat and a green pick representing Gritton)

Today was amazing. Homecoming queen assembly was fun because I got to have the nice school camera... and felt like a journalist. Yay.

So lately my computer has been really gay... it had major issues with sites such as blogger, myspace, facebook, and even hotmail. So I haven't really read or posted for a while.

So here are some things that happened:

  • I went to Logan Saturday night/ Sunday morning. For the Ute vs. Utah State. Yay for the Utes KICKING ASS. (58 to 10 i think?)
  • Journalism keeps me real busy. I love it. Homecoming article was way fun to write
  • Water polo is crappy and we have to play it for swim class
  • Our football team sucks. Juan Diego killed. 38 to something low.... just know we lost. bad.
  • I got "asked" to homecoming by Tyler. haha
  • My sister got Twilight for her birthday, so I am offically gonna read it now. haha finally

Honestly, Thats all I got. Nothing much happens.

This week is homecoming week. I'm exicted. Yay. For most that didn't know, homecoming is for ALUMNI. That is why it is called homecoming... so you college freshman should come up... and possibly just come to the dance. haha just a thought

Much love, Randalynn