Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So at the moment... I'm sitting in my bedroom and watching Leonidas possibly die... either that or he is being really weird again and likes to sink at the bottom, which is weird for him because he likes to float to the top on his side and fall asleep. So I decided on a list of things that I am thankful for. I would like everyone to make a list of things... it would be nice to see.


  • Not being a dying betta fish inside a tiny bowl
  • My family and how much they care and love me
  • My amazing man, Tyler Chad
  • The Blog Family
  • Gaining more friends this year
    (My BFF Jill, Ed, Kristen)
  • Having an amazing swim coach
  • Not getting sick this year yet
  • Not drowning yet. Haha
  • Being a swimmer. It changed my life
  • Being an American
  • Having everything that I have
  • That I don't have swim practice till Monday
  • You!

I wish I could think of more. I guess it is kinda late for me, I'm usually in bed by 9 for swimming.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Love, Randalynn

Thursday, November 20, 2008

End of Week 2, Almost

So I left you with little information on one of the biggest things that has happened in a while for me. The break up. Week 2 came slowly but went by fast. I'm okay. I'm alive, breathing, eating, and once again sleeping. I have my "BFF Jill" (Abby) and other friends to definatly thank.

This is my life in a nutshell:

  • Swimming is my love hate relationship. And I couldn't live without it. I love Steve being the new coach. Never have I had someone push me like he does. About 90% of the swimmers hate it and miss Leo. For present and once swimmers... that means a lot. I exhaust myself with 10-11 practices with and for him.

And that's my whole life. Ha. And you think I'm kidding.
My normal day: Sleep. Eat. Swim. Eat. School. Swim. Eat. Sleep.

Well... thought I would blog to let you know I am alive.
I love you all. I love Tyler Chad. :)

Love, Randalynn

Monday, November 10, 2008

"relationship status"

if you noticed on facebook, tyler's relationship status changed to single. yes it's true. unfortunatly. things just have to happen and he wants to be single for that event.

i have been single for about 45 hours and let me tell you.... i fruitcupping sucks. i can honestly say i hate my life.

somewhat good news though... he'll be back in a few months... i hope.

i love him. a lot.
i miss him. a lot.
love, randalynn
p.s. i could use a hug from anyone and a good cry.