Friday, December 12, 2008

no caps and sickness

today i went to the doctor for this so called sickness i have. everyone that is here... knows i was afraid. i have never been to the doctor except for just a shot or two or to get a physical for swimming. and i have never been alone. i usually have my mommy or my sister with me. nope. alone. i'm a big girl now. (yes, 6 days from being 18 and i'm just now a big girl)

i didn't have tests or xrays or anything like that. i was just simply listened to. my skin touched with a very very cold stethoscope and listened to. he made me do a lot of deep breaths over and over again, which exhausted me and made me light headed. no diagnosis except for a lot of mucus in my bronchial tubes, not quite into my lungs. i get a little inhaler to help breathe during swimming. in a few days, if the coughing and weezing continues, i'll be put on antibotics.

once again, i'm not dying. i'm out and about and i will get better. i don't want pity texts... but a hello will do. :)

much love,

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Life As It Stands

like everyone else's blog... i have nothing much to say. but we'll see how much actually gets typed. we will do this.... in list form. very easy. yes. easy.

first: where the hell did the bulletin option go? This sucks.
okay. fine. i'll write paragraphs.

in the news.... news meaning my boring life....

steve wants to quit swimming because of us. he thinks that we aren't working hard enough and is fed up with it. being captain, i want to rip my hair out. i don't know how many people on the team like him, but i love him. like i have said sometime before in my blogs... i like him more than leo. one person, won't mention his name because all of you know him, complained about it not having the same sprirt as last year because the guys aren't doing as well. he quit this morning. good. people like him shouldn't be swimming if they don't give a shi...z. this is what i have been dealing with for the last few weeks. i guess thats part of he job title. haha

new subject. if you were concerned at all, leonidas did not die. you guys probably don't care. but if you didn't read my poem about him on my poems blog, i suggest you do that and read the poem i wrote for ed. they are kinda nice. haha

next. about 2 weeks ago, i started having a head cold. The usual of stuffy nose and sinus stuff. no biggy. early last week it starts moving towards my lungs and i start having a cough which leads to a sore throat. thursday i had to leave swim practice because i had started throwing up. yay. not. today i start with more coughing adding phlegm (spell check me on that b, thats right). overall, i feel like poop (for jimmi) oh well. so my dad (being my dad) likes to 'diagnose' me so it went from as head cold to common cold to possible bacterial infection to flu. but i'll live. this wasn't a complaint blog. just an update on life. i'm not dying nor am i gonnna say i am. so you don't have to come see me. end.

hmm. that was quite a bit more than i thought. and most of you probably just skipped it after i started whining... again. suprise. oh, and i did this without capitalizing anything. i'm too lazy to reach over for the shift key. yep. thats all.

i love you.
randalynn crappy pants (ew)