Sunday, February 15, 2009

25 Mas

Continued on facebook... and Berto doing it on his blog... here are more. Jimmi and I both said that after we were done with it on facebook, that we keep thinking of more and more things we could put on the list.

  1. As much as I don't care what others think about me... there will always be two people I'm afraid that will judge me
  2. I cried at state when I didn't get my 1:06 on backstroke
  3. I cried at state when I got a 31 in the medley relay (different cry)
  4. Twlight bores me. It was kinda good... I'm only at Port Angeles, still
  5. I'm becoming more involved with school and activities like FBLA and Skills USA
  6. I stare at different graphics on shirts and bags, thinking if i can make it too
  7. I miss swimming already
  8. But I'm suprisingly falling in love with water polo
  9. I suck at water polo haha
  10. I killed my bamboo
  11. I love coloring books
  12. I hate the feeling of falling. But I love roller coasters
  13. I have no idea what makes guys like me... but they do.
  14. I'm a true aggie. :)
  15. Even though I haven't answered him yet, I'm going to prom with Jimmi.
  16. "The Scientist" by Coldplay is the best station for Pandora.
  17. I love writing... I just usually don't have anything to write about
  18. I've been skinny dipping..... twice
  19. I keep my fortunes in a Tequilla bottle in my window sill
  20. I collect alcohol bottles
  21. I hate waking up to a jolt in my body
  22. I love babies. I can't wait to have my own. :)
  23. I remember dates really well. Mostly birthdays and events
  24. There are 464 days till the best day of my life
  25. I'm no longer single. :)

5 awesome comment(s):

Morgan said...

I collect alcohol bottles too. I'm going to make them into lights. Bamboo is so hard to kill, silly :) What's in 464 days? I love you.

Jennifer said...

i'm listening to the scientist on pandora right now. this is good :)

En said...

:) hahahaha 464 days... silly. I'm also still impressed you killed the bamboo....

Randalynn said...

don't make fun... i don't know how i killed it either. dang

berto said...

As much as I hate creating warm and fuzzy feelings...

I totally do the design thinking too. I'm not leaning too much into graphics design, but I do it with video A LOT. Yeah.