Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Nite

Well... today was super uber boring. I guess I'll tell of some recent events.

To start off... last Friday I went with Erin, Eric, and his girlfriend Connor to Provo. After picking up their things from Color Me Mine, we got ice cream at Cold Stone at the mall and ended up looking for a prom dress for Connor. After adventuring to Allyses Bridal and finding nothing... we went to David's Bridal. Nothing quite interested her so we made our way to the other side of the store where the wedding dresses lived. First we were just looking, but then we decided it would be fun to try some on. So Connor and I pick ones we would like to try on. The girls at the front table thing soon saw us and asked who out of us was engaged. Erin quickly pointed to me and said, "her." Great. haha. So they had me write down some information about myself and whatnot. The lady took the dresses, got a slip, and had me pick shoes. With my great friends there to watch me, I tried on two dresses, veil and all. I was somewhat upset and embarassed that they had a good entertainment watching me try on amazing dresses, but after I was done... I realized how fun it actually was.

This week went by somewhat fast. There was nothing as exciting as last Friday... but somethings did happen. The captains went to Provo Saturday to shop for the team. We called it "Captain Bonding Day". It's been a long time since I've hung out with Creighton and I always love being with Ed and Abby. Tuesday I spent running around town with Abby to get things done for the banquet that night, which was also a good time. We had some pretty amazing gifts. Life went on... nothing really happening after that. Ed asked me on a friendish date, but ended up being sick... so we never went. Apparently it was going to be me, Ed, Brady, and whoever Brady asked to come with him.

Anyways.... Have a nice spring break college friends. If you're coming up to Heber... us little kids aren't really doing anything other than school. Let's play?

Love Always, Randi Lynn
Song of the Day: The Scientist by Coldplay

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Morgan said...

Hahaha, I'm impressed you weren't discovered when trying on dresses. Those ladies are vicious. I'm not on spring break till the week after this coming one, but we should definitely play :)

Randi Lynn said...

Haha they kept asking questions about how me and my signifigant other met and where we lived and stuff. So according to those answers, both me and Erin are freshman, her going to the U and me at USU. We were in Heber visiting our parents and we met because of Erin. Good times.

En said...

Guess what? You loved me for it. lol SO THERE

berto said...

Hooray making up stuff to tell random people. haha.

Don't rush things, eh?