Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Defination: a sudden and uncontrolled expression of emotion. A sudden onset or intensification of a pathological symptom or symptoms, especially when recurrent.

Today Ed and I looked up words that everyone should know. It took us to a sight called 202 Big Freakin' Words. Pretty entertaining. I'm going to try to use a word from this sight as what I am feeling for the blog. Even know I do not have much paroxysm.... it was our favorite word.

I also liked mellifluous: Pleasant and soothing to listen to, and sweet and rich in tone. Smooth, honeyed.

Like a really good song that gets stuck in your head and you don't ever want out. The ones you listen to over and over again and you still aren't sick of it. Best ever.

Anyways, i love you guys. Good night.
Randi Lynn

ps. I found the word that really fits tonight
Solicitous: Adj: expressing an attitude of concern and consideration; full of eagerness to do something; paying very careful attention to details. Considerate, caring, attentive, anxious, concerned, worried, uneasy, bothered, apprehensive.

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berto said...

There are some pretty strange words in the English language.

Try Urban Dictionary. haha.


Morgan said...

lol, i remember when they tried to teach us lots of big words in middle school. the only ones i remember are loquacious and plethora. the first being talkative and the second being a lot or a variety. at least i remembered something from middle school?