Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kick Ass Weekend

I love knowing I'm done with high school. It took a bit to really sink in that I never ever had to step foot into that school ever again. Graduation was awesome... well... after the hot, boring ceremony. Thanks for all of you that came to cheer us on! It helped me actually be okay on stage in front of everyone... that and not falling, yay!

The all night party was fun. It's more fun when you don't have to sneak in. I was able to stay up the entire night. After the party, we went to Abigail's house to sleep. I didn't sleep too wonderful because we slept on the floor and I sleep on my sides, so my hips were aching the whole night. On only 4 or 5 hours of sleep at the most, we had lunch and went to the lake. We went tubing which was a lot of fun, it was just cold (both water and air). After, we got in Abby's hot tub, showered, and went to the singles ward luau in Midway. (Yes, I went to yet another church activity. Tyler says I'll be converted soon, I like to think of it as just eating their food for free. haha) That was basically my day yesterday. Totally exhausted, I saw Tyler for a bit then went home exhausted.

Pictures of the lake are on facebook, go look :)
Have a fantastic Sunday. :)
Randi Lynn

Thursday, May 28, 2009


In about 13 hours, I will officially be free from the high school life. Its a weird feeling I'm experiencing. I have been really excited till this point. Now I'm more nervous. There are some people that I only saw in school... now I will never see them again after tomorrow. The ones closer to me will still be departing after the summer is over, different colleges and different lives. One of my best friends, Creighton Victor, will be leaving for the Air Force Academy mid-summer. He will probably be the hardest to say goodbye to. He's helped me a lot lately and I hope I helped him. Tyler and Abigail will be no farther than a mile or two away from me at USU. Everyone going to the U will be having parties and whatnot. Haha.

I'm not nervous for going out into the hectic real world, I'm nervous that I may not have finished all that I wanted in high school with the people here while I still could. I do have regrets, not many, but I do have some. I'm also nervous that I will lose relationships with people. I don't want to be forgotten or replaced, even though I know that will happen. Today as I was signing year books, I tried to write something that will remind that person about me when they go back through it in 10, 20 years. When their kids read it and ask about the crazy girl that wrote about the weirdest things, (I really hope Ed's kids ask about the spray paint haha).

I love you all so very much. Hope I'll see all of you at graduation tomorrow. Good night.
Randi Lynn Ranson

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bacon Cheeseburgers

I am addicted. If anyone is ever in the mood for one... I suggest granny's bacon cheeseburger. Oh hell... best thing ever. oh... and if you're going... call me. I've been craving them for like 2 weeks or so. *drools a little*

This is seriously all I have to say this Monday night.
Love you all.
Randi Lynn.

ps. go read ed's poem to dear michael cassio. damn tish

Monday, May 11, 2009

One More Monday

The best thing I had heard today at school... we had only one more monday at school. Holy freaking crap. I cannot describe how incredibly excited I am for that day to come... graduation. I sent out my announcements on Saturday...woot. (sorry there isn't a swim suit shot) This year... as crappy as it was without Tyler... was truely amazing. Swimming was awesome... I loved being captain and feeling more with the team than I have ever experienced. And that Steve really helped me this year. Leo was amazing, but he never pushed me like Steve did. At first I thought he was an ass, but I owe him my senior year in swimming. Graphic design and my digital photography finally pushed me to what I love to do, and therefore, decided on majoring in art... not marketing. I realized that Abigail is truely my bff (jill) and that no matter how bad times get, I'll always have her around (also because she'll be an aggie too :)) and she never gets sick of me and I could never get sick of her. FBLA kicked major butt and made me feel like I could actually do something other than just swim.Water Polo made me realize how incredibly uncordinated I am... I never know what the crap is going on... so I become the goalie... woot (not).

The only thing I am nervous about is money. I got loans cause finding a scholarship for a white, average grade, middle class girl is kinda difficult. I also need a car and money for next year's food. But hopefully I can get the lifeguarding job at the pool on campus. Woot.

Well... That's my Shpell. Love you all.
Randi Lynn

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Summer Bucket List

So in replacement of a senior trip, I am going to attempt a bucket list for the summer. I want to make this summer awesome, esspecially it being my last living here in Heber. It would be cool to have others with a list, maybe even the same things so that we could do them together. This list is mostly things I've never done or things I miss doing. So enjoy.

  • Ride a horse
  • Full moon hike up Timp
  • See Timp Cave
  • Eat at the Olive Garden
  • Go clubbing
  • Girls Night
  • Visit Cascade Springs
  • Spend the day reading books and drinking coffee at Borders
  • Go geochaching
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Backyard campout
  • Fly a Kite
  • Day at Deer Creek
  • Night games at J.R. Smith
  • Go entire normal day barefoot
  • Turn phone off for an entire day
  • Go entire day sans electronics
  • Dance in the rain
  • Read and actually finish a good book
  • Laugh till I cry (off the movie, the bucket list)
  • Slow dance under the stars
  • Visit the water tower
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Watch all six star wars in one day
  • Learn to say goodbye

I hope to get pictures of each of these and make a scrapbook of it, which would be really nice. :)

Good Night Friends.
Randi Lynn