Thursday, May 28, 2009


In about 13 hours, I will officially be free from the high school life. Its a weird feeling I'm experiencing. I have been really excited till this point. Now I'm more nervous. There are some people that I only saw in school... now I will never see them again after tomorrow. The ones closer to me will still be departing after the summer is over, different colleges and different lives. One of my best friends, Creighton Victor, will be leaving for the Air Force Academy mid-summer. He will probably be the hardest to say goodbye to. He's helped me a lot lately and I hope I helped him. Tyler and Abigail will be no farther than a mile or two away from me at USU. Everyone going to the U will be having parties and whatnot. Haha.

I'm not nervous for going out into the hectic real world, I'm nervous that I may not have finished all that I wanted in high school with the people here while I still could. I do have regrets, not many, but I do have some. I'm also nervous that I will lose relationships with people. I don't want to be forgotten or replaced, even though I know that will happen. Today as I was signing year books, I tried to write something that will remind that person about me when they go back through it in 10, 20 years. When their kids read it and ask about the crazy girl that wrote about the weirdest things, (I really hope Ed's kids ask about the spray paint haha).

I love you all so very much. Hope I'll see all of you at graduation tomorrow. Good night.
Randi Lynn Ranson

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Victor said...

All I can say is that I really don't want to leave..

berto said...

And all the UVU kids aren't cool enough to be mentioned...haha.

There's gonna be even less people in Heber in the fall. Yay...