Monday, May 11, 2009

One More Monday

The best thing I had heard today at school... we had only one more monday at school. Holy freaking crap. I cannot describe how incredibly excited I am for that day to come... graduation. I sent out my announcements on Saturday...woot. (sorry there isn't a swim suit shot) This year... as crappy as it was without Tyler... was truely amazing. Swimming was awesome... I loved being captain and feeling more with the team than I have ever experienced. And that Steve really helped me this year. Leo was amazing, but he never pushed me like Steve did. At first I thought he was an ass, but I owe him my senior year in swimming. Graphic design and my digital photography finally pushed me to what I love to do, and therefore, decided on majoring in art... not marketing. I realized that Abigail is truely my bff (jill) and that no matter how bad times get, I'll always have her around (also because she'll be an aggie too :)) and she never gets sick of me and I could never get sick of her. FBLA kicked major butt and made me feel like I could actually do something other than just swim.Water Polo made me realize how incredibly uncordinated I am... I never know what the crap is going on... so I become the goalie... woot (not).

The only thing I am nervous about is money. I got loans cause finding a scholarship for a white, average grade, middle class girl is kinda difficult. I also need a car and money for next year's food. But hopefully I can get the lifeguarding job at the pool on campus. Woot.

Well... That's my Shpell. Love you all.
Randi Lynn

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tyler said...

woot woot woot woot woot woot woot wotowtowtowtowtwot woot woot woot woot woot woot woot owwotoow woot woot woot woot wotowo woot

berto said...

haha, I was hoping for a swimsuit shot, I must say :) Jk.

But know that you might as well be the only reason I'm going to graduation cause I've only gotten an announcement from you.


P.S. It's spelled "truly."