Saturday, July 18, 2009

Too Early for this Shiz

On this bright and early morning, I sit behind a tall desk at New Life. I've been here for only an hour and I already want to kill myself from boredom. To add on to that... the lady at McDonalds forgot to give me my yogurt parfait, the alarms in the pool area kept going off, and I can't log on to the check-in system because they still haven't made me an account to log on to even though I've been working front desk for some time now. But the best part: McDonalds orange juice. Best. Thing. Ever.

If you've even made it this far and you're not dead from boredom, might as well stop reading now.

So lately, I haven't seen most of you. I'm not blaming anyone... I sit at home and do nothing... literally nothing at all. Or I'm at this boring job... but that's mostly just from 10-1 which really isn't that many hours. I'm sorry if I've seen anti-social or anything... let's just say it's for your sake. I haven't been in the mood to deal with any people and I've been pretty grumpy all the time. Tonight is Erin O'Brien's birthday at the Kamas pool and bowling. I probably just stop by for a bit. I figured out I actually work 7 am- 1pm. So just from being here that long will make me pretty grumpy. So have fun if you're going.

Well I think this is enough complaining for one blog, don't you think? Plus, I can't remember anything else that has been going on. Speaking of remembering... there really might be something wrong with me... I can't remember a lot of things.. haha just ask Tyler.

Anyway, Much Love. Randi Lynn

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tyler said...

put your profile back to how it was! thats how i got to everyone elses. haha

Randi Lynn said...

i'm trying...

Randi Lynn said...

Did it. :)