Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life as a Shake Wench

I don't know how... but the only college girl at New Life was the girl getting paid the least and getting the least amount of hours. That... I would say... sucks ass... major ass. So my sister got me a job just for the last few weeks of summer at Granny's. Hey... it's money right?

It's actually not too bad. The first day really hurt my knees since I was standing the whole day and I'm used to sitting either at a front desk or watching people in a pool. The only sucky thing now is that I'm that type of person who hates sticky things... and being covered in ice cream makes you very sticky very quickly. It's kinda fun making the shakes and seeing the interesting combinations of flavors. My favorite so far was marshmellows, gummy bears, and peaches... weird, right?

Anyway, I usually work 11-5 which is nice cause it doesn't get too busy till around 12:30. I make pretty kick ass shakes already... so if you ever want to stop by... there is always a rare moment that granny's doesn't have a Ranson girl working now. (Our boss doesn't put us on the same shift... good reasons too. haha)

Anyway, good night. Much love
Randalynn :)

2 awesome comment(s):

Rebecca said...

I enjoyed that. I had no idea you quit new life.

Edward said...

so...I was on my sister's account so really that one that says Rebecca...really means Edward the Magnificent.