Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Moved in. First one here so I'm meeting my roommates one by one... which is annoying. I love my place. They built the buildings last year. It's only 200 dollars more than Bullen and worth it. I'm on the third floor... but there is an elevator. It's way slow though. Just around the building that is next to me is a fantastic view of Logan. The sun sets here are amazing. It's cold. My room is the only one out the group of rooms that has three windows. I got a free mac computer from my parent's friends. (The same ones that gave me my camera for christmas) And Tyler gave me his ipod touch because he never uses it and bought me an ihome. Spoiled, I know. I had Cafe Rio three times within the last week. Last time wasn't so good. I have to take an anti-biotic the size of horse pills for my pretend strep. Tests were negative... they don't know what's wrong. My family is texting and calling me lots. I miss them too.... but not enough to go home. 

I can't wait for school and for people I actually know to move in. 
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Britta Marie said...

I have to take crazy horse pills too because I also have pretend strep! No lie.

I think my tonsils just have issues. Maybe they should just take them out.

By the way, I miss you. And let's play sometime.

Randi Lynn said...

Amoxicillin? Cause that's what I'm taking. It sucks.

I miss you too. Have fun at the U. :)

Edward said...

I miss the crap out of everyone! things sound nice there and yes Randi, you are spoiled. Just when I think I got a good deal on my Macbook Pro you go and get one for free.

Victor said...

Oh yeah, well i miss everyone more than Ed misses everyone.. so there haha. Logan sounds like fun except for the horse-pill strep part haha.