Sunday, September 20, 2009


Things that make my day:

(In no order)
  • Going to Tyler and Enano's house after school & homework
  • Aggie Ice Cream
  • When the marketplace has Cookies & Cream ice cream
  • Doing well on a rockband song never before drummed
  • Feeling good about a test
  • When he smiles
  • My star wars blanket
  • Surprise birthday parties
  • Spending hours walking around Wal-Mart
  • Cafe Rio. Must I say more?
  • Oreos and Milk
  • When Tyler cooks a really good dinner (lots. :D)
  • Vanilla Coke
  • Food in general. The last few have been about it haha
  • Watching Family Guy
  • Humming Enano's guitar exercises as he plays them
  • Getting good looking legs from that damn hill
  • Riding my scooter
  • Sleeping over at the shack
  • Having my hair flow around as I walk haha
  • Swimming at the HPER w/ Enano
  • Taking new photos
  • My creative arts class
  • Thinking my bio class is a breeze (thanks lance. haha)
  • Talking in the dark before bed with Janey
  • Watching Disney movies long time seen
  • Riding my scooter in the apartment
  • Counting down to Halo 3 ODST
  • Watching the Cowboys game
  • When the Cowboys actually win
  • When Tony Romo isn't Tony Homo
  • Planning this summer :)
  • Hanging out with the roomies
  • The Marketplace.
  • Lazy sunday's at the shack
  • Family Nights. haha
  • Hiking
  • Ice blocking
  • When Heber friends come up (thanks brady :))
  • Meeting strangers and getting to know them
  • Seeing pictures of you guys
Miss you guys. Hope you're all having fun whatever you're doing and wherever you are. :)
Love you. :) Randi Lynn

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School. Yay

I survived the first week! Yay. Haha. So if you have been keeping up on my facebook... you can see that we've been doing some pretty fun things... and I love having my camera around. We went to the wind caves... way fun. My calves are still screaming at me for that and going up the very steep hill everyday between my house and tyler and enano's house. I'm going to have very good looking legs at the end of the year. I have actually been thinking of doing a beginner triathlon this October. The gym and the pool are literally right by my house so that makes it easier and I have Enano to swim with. Yay. Oh, we also went ice blocking. You get a block of ice from the store, sit on it (with a towel in between the ice and your butt or it gets very cold and wet) and slide down the grassy hill. It works rather wonderfully. If you guys have a good hill by your house... you should definitely try this cause it's a lot of fun.

Nothing else has been happening up here in Logan. Classes are going well. Not too much homework which is nice... just reading. I love the bigger classes cause there is barely any assignment homework cause that's a lot of papers. 

My roommates are super awesome. I have one that is a junior and acts bratty like she is so much better than us. 5 of them went to Alta High, so they know each other. They include me as much as they can, well... when I'm actually home cause I'm always at Tyler and Enano's house. 

I miss you guys. Hope you're all having good lives. If anyone wants to come up to Logan to visit... Tyler Enano and I would love it. Just text us. Both of our roommates will let people sleep over. Haha. Well time for biology. Love you.

Randi Lynn Aggie Pants