Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So the part of the story that I least thought what would happen. I'm moving home. Yep. I'm out of money... yes... but that's not all. A few blogs ago I wrote how homesick I was. I constantly am and decided that I couldn't handle being so far away from home so suddenly. My parents want me back home and to go to UVU, so that's the plan so far. I've already told the housing place here that I am no longer living here... so there is no turning back... at least on my living situation. My amazing, yet obnoxious and loud, roommates are sad... but they will live without me. I told them to stay in touch with me like on facebook and they can come to the wedding... yep.

So for those of you that are in Heber... I'll be home. Yay, right? Those of you on the swim team... I'm hoping to talk to Steve soon to see if he'll let me help him out... being paid as a coach or not... I miss it and would love to see and smell the pool again. Haha.

That is all. That's my life at the moment. And for those of you rolling your eyes saying and thinking I'm a pansy... I don't care. Think what you want. But I miss my family and Heber... A lot. Logan is cold and crazy and full of a lot of stupid people that I'm no longer able to handle. Haha. So there.

Love you all. Randalynn. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009


I really do feel like I should keep blogging... But I really am not lying when I say there is nothing to blog about. So I guess I'll tell of my life.

I go to school... to all my boring classes and biology (Im actually really good in that class. Mr. G and Reavs helped a lot. But Im wondering if I wanna change my major to biology.) Then I come home to my rarely quiet apartment. Sometimes I am able to take a nap if I fall asleep before the running around and screaming happens. But if not, I sit here doing absolutely nothing or sometimes even homework till 4. Yay thats when Tyler gets off. So he usually calls me and I start walking over to his house. The evening usually consists of watching Netflix, playing video games, or catching Tyler up on Fringe. :)

Thats my life. Pretty much everyday. Haha and I love it.
I'm excited to seeing you all at Abigail's wedding in 3 weeks.
Love you all, Randalynn