Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Best of 2009 Facebook Status'

A facebook app does this. It lists all of the status' from the year that you can pick from and make a collage of it. I loved reading all of mine and picking the best ones. (Click the picture to be able to really read them)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best. Day. Ever.

I can truely say I had the best birthday a girl could ever wish for. It started off not so awesome when I found out that my sister had crashed my dad's car... into my mom's car. (Literally, the woman was almost in tears. She loves her car beyond love, but it's a nice car so it's okay). I spent the morning cheering up my dad playing video games and making a large amount of peach jello. I really do love just hanging out with my dad. I cleaned my room and the kitchen so my mom would be happy when she came home from work. I soon got ready for the day and went to work. I know help coach the high school swim team. I love it. I get the rookies and they really aren't that bad which makes me happy. I watched the swimmers get their asses kicked and went home. Talked to my sister for a bit before she left to the Christmas party at the Gardner's house. My dad and I survived off the jello till my mom got home from work so we could go to dinner. Nothing fancy, but my favorite. We picked up Tyler and went to Taramahara (or however you spell it) in Midway. It was delish and wonderful. We went back home and Tyler asked if I wanted to go on a walk. In the freezing December night, we walked up by Kelsey Holbrook's house to where we had our first kiss. The stars were amazing and the town was glowing with Chirstmas lights. We started walking back, but Tyler stopped to "tie his shoe" (he had vans on, I was way confused what he was doing haha) He pulled out a ring and asked the awesome question. :) Of course I said yes.

So know I'm no longer the little annoying girlfriend, haha. I'm now the little annoying fiance. Yay. When we got back to my house both my parents asked if it was a promise ring at first haha nope. Anyway. I thought I would share it with you guys cause I love you. :)

In the end I had amazing birthday, minus the fact that the damn Jazz lost to the Hawks. Oh well, it was still amazing. :) thanks for all the birthday texts and facebook messages. I love you guys.

Love, Randi Lynn

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear 2009

Dear 2009,

You have been good to me. Getting better and better with each day. Other years haven't been comparative to what you did. Therefore I'm gonna let you know my favorite memories and what I hope to accomplish before you leave.

Favorite Memories (In no order or significance)
  • Standing on the stand at state for 2nd place in the relay.
  • Having Deer Creek be full and warm. I love that place so much.
  • Living on my own for the first time. It was scary at first... and now I'm just homesick.
  • Watching my baby sister promenade. Even though the dance was kind of dumb.
  • Riding horses for the first time with Natalie and her parents.
  • Having crazy fun times with my roommates.
  • Countless hours of watching Tyler and Nathaniel playing video games.
  • Letting Tyler know what I learned that day. I got pretty nerdy.
  • Getting a 96% on my Bio test. I felt so good.
  • Creighton's graduation party. So much fun and so many people.
  • Working at Granny's. I hated the stickyness but loved the people.
  • Holga day with Morgan!
  • Becoming 'one of the guys' by Brady farting around me.
  • Listening to My Chemical Romance on the way to Logan with Tyler.
  • Hiking to the Wind Cave with Tyler and Nathaniel.
  • Ice blocking down Old Main Hill.
  • Watching my first sunset in Logan. Amazing.
  • Going to dinner with my roommates at Firehouse.
  • Becoming obsessed with McDonald's #7. Yummy.
  • Having Tyler come home after 8 months in Logan.
  • Pretending to be Miley Cyrus and dancing to Party in the USA.
  • Adventures in Wal-Mart. So many hours spent there.
  • Setting the backstroke record, 1:08.15.
  • Going under a minute in the 100 free
  • Christmas night with the roommates. So many pictures! haha
  • Having Green Eggs and Ham really give me a hard time to read.
  • Showing off my kneeboarding and wakeboarding skills to the Scovil's
  • Cheering for our RA for Mr. USU. We love Chase.
  • Watching the outdoor dance at the Quad with Tyler.
  • Having Eric as my bus buddy the last half of the swim season.
  • Carving and painting pumpkins at Natalies.
  • Collecting leaves around campus in the fall.
  • Finer Things Club tea party lunch.
  • Sledding down Old Main Hill. Holy fast and steep.
  • Sucking at cooking. Was supposed to make 9 servings, not 9 cups of rice.
  • Getting really into John Mayer, Modest Mouse, and Taylor Swift.
  • Seeing beautiful Abigail on her wedding day.
  • Making a bucket list for the summer. Didn't even get half done.
  • Playing Fable 2. I hated the end. So much.
  • Scootering down to Tyler's. I love going down that hill.
  • Watching stupid Trapped in the Closet my R. Kelly. The whole hour.
  • Spending my spring break at USU with Tyler.
  • Having my sister call me anytime she needed to talk to about swimming
  • Seeing how bad the USU football team is. But I watched the SUU winning one. haha
  • Playing with bottle rockets for the first time on the 4th of July
  • Graduating! And the money and gifts that come with it.
  • Watching Britta and Berto play at the Local Grind.
  • Being in digital photography with Ed and Abby.
  • Getting into Adv. Graphic Design class and loving it.
  • Playing with the dolphin on the lake.
  • Going down the canal for the first time.
Things I want/have to accomplish:
  • See the lights at Temple square
  • Have an amazing Christmas.
  • See all of you soon :)
  • Eat chocolate covered pretzels and watch Harry Potter with Britta
  • See Abby and her new husband
  • Get a certain something out in words to you all. :)
  • Have something shiny on my left ring finger :)
  • Move back to Heber with my family and the poopy
  • Get my finals done. And pass.
  • Go ice skating.
Love, Randi Lynn.

Ps. I will write some more if/when I think of some.