Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best. Day. Ever.

I can truely say I had the best birthday a girl could ever wish for. It started off not so awesome when I found out that my sister had crashed my dad's car... into my mom's car. (Literally, the woman was almost in tears. She loves her car beyond love, but it's a nice car so it's okay). I spent the morning cheering up my dad playing video games and making a large amount of peach jello. I really do love just hanging out with my dad. I cleaned my room and the kitchen so my mom would be happy when she came home from work. I soon got ready for the day and went to work. I know help coach the high school swim team. I love it. I get the rookies and they really aren't that bad which makes me happy. I watched the swimmers get their asses kicked and went home. Talked to my sister for a bit before she left to the Christmas party at the Gardner's house. My dad and I survived off the jello till my mom got home from work so we could go to dinner. Nothing fancy, but my favorite. We picked up Tyler and went to Taramahara (or however you spell it) in Midway. It was delish and wonderful. We went back home and Tyler asked if I wanted to go on a walk. In the freezing December night, we walked up by Kelsey Holbrook's house to where we had our first kiss. The stars were amazing and the town was glowing with Chirstmas lights. We started walking back, but Tyler stopped to "tie his shoe" (he had vans on, I was way confused what he was doing haha) He pulled out a ring and asked the awesome question. :) Of course I said yes.

So know I'm no longer the little annoying girlfriend, haha. I'm now the little annoying fiance. Yay. When we got back to my house both my parents asked if it was a promise ring at first haha nope. Anyway. I thought I would share it with you guys cause I love you. :)

In the end I had amazing birthday, minus the fact that the damn Jazz lost to the Hawks. Oh well, it was still amazing. :) thanks for all the birthday texts and facebook messages. I love you guys.

Love, Randi Lynn

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Jennifer said...

congratulations. that sounds so adorable. so how do your parents feel about it? and PLEASE, a picture of the ring! date? a million questions!

Britta Marie said...

Oh Randi Lynn. That is so cute. And YES, post pictures of the ring! Or I can just see it when we have Harry Potter night! When is that happening by the way? Soon, I hope?

Morgan said...

yay yay yay!

and yes to ring picture.

and yes to harry potter night.

and yes to marriage? yes.

Randi Lynn said...

No picture. That will give you guys a nice excuse to come see me! :) Date, not sure, but thinking July. And harry potter... hell yeah

McKay said...

Oh Randi, So happy for you. I don't know when ever I shall see you next but promise that you will at least wait to have your first kid till after my mish?

Victor said...

congrats :) a bit late haha.