Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Post

From now on, if you want updates on Tyler, Jackson, and me, you can go to our family blog at:

We'll try to keep you updated with what's going on with us. With how fast Jackson is growing up, I'm sure there will be lots with him. :)

Thanks for reading my blog for all these years. Now it's time to start the new chapter. :)

Randi Lynn

Monday, October 11, 2010

What the Blog?

Yep. That's right. I'm blogging. Finally.

But there isn't much to say. Thought I would just kinda check in. There isn't much going on in my life. I take care of a fussy, adorable little boy. I feel like I haven't slept a full real night's sleep since Jackson was born. If you didn't know, Tyler, Jackson, and I moved into my parents' basement (we stole kiristin's room haha), which I've been told is the way to do it haha. Tyler works from 2:30 to 11 pm but since he works in Lindon, he leaves at 1:40 and coming home is never the same time... but it's late. I am once again coaching the high school swim team. This year Steve (the head coach) gave me kids to work with (what we like to call the guppies) and leaves me to coach them by myself. Which sometimes is awesome but also sometimes very frustrating (at the kids, not Steve). I'm pretty excited for the meets to start, which is next week (hahahah my kids are so not ready). There was a time where I kinda gave up caffeine when I was pregnant with Jackson, but I'm totally back to addicted again. It's terrible, I know, but that's why it's called an addiction. Ummmm.... let's see. There isn't really anything else going on. I'll try to blog more often. I was thinking of making a new blog so it's more like a family blog from Tyler, Jackson, and me. And I'll try to blog once a week or so to say what's been going on. (Like baby's first tooth, wedding plans, things like that. Alright? :D)

Well, Much love to all of you. :)
Good night, Randi Lynn

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home... All the time

Sorry for the lack of blog... it's just that I have seriously been doing the same thing over and over again for the last 8 weeks, sitting at home or at Tyler's house, just being lazy and taking care of the little bundle of joy/shit, jackson. haha. Pretty much this blog will just be an update on him and how Tyler and I have been handling the new life as parents. Jackson is doing amazing. He just had his 2 month checkup the other day... he is officially 11 pounds 7 ounces. He is growing SO FAST! It's incredible and happening so quickly. I know that he won't be my little boy forever, so I'm really cherishing every moment with him. I do my best being patient with him and I really feel that helps calm him down and not be mad at me if it takes me a while to figure out whats wrong with him. The best thing that has happened lately is that he learned to smile and somewhat giggle. Its the most beautiful thing in the entire world. :) It's also the hardest thing to get a picture of because he is so curious what the camera is and stops smiling to focus. He LOVES his swing and spends a lot of time in that and in his boppy when he's not being loved to death by his daddy, grandmas, or aunts.

Tyler and I have been doing great. You'd think that having a baby would make a relationship hard or whatnot, but honestly... right now we have been doing the best we ever have. He just got a job working with Neil at Shelf Reliance down in Lindon. I have been kinda looking for jobs, but we haven't really figured out where Jackson would go for the day. We have plenty of short time babysitters available, but we don't know about long term. The three of us spend a lot time together, when Tyler isn't working. We are usually relaxing or spending time with the families. We also spend a lot time feeding Jackson... it's his favorite thing in the entire world. haha even when he isn't all that hungry, it's sometimes THE only thing to calm him down. That and he sometimes doesn't like a binky so likes to use the mommy-binky.

Hmm... I tried talking about me and Tyler and still went to talking about Jackson. What can I say? He is our life now. No complaints at all though. He does get in grumpy moods that are kinda hard on the ears, but seeing him happy and smiling is so worth everything. I seriously couldn't be happier... scratch that...I'll be the happiest when Jackson starts sleeping through the entire night. Speaking of which... I'll end with baby "stats"


Birth:7 lbs 6 oz.

Two Weeks: 8 lbs 9 oz.

Five Weeks: 10 lbs 12 oz.

Eight Weeks: 11 lbs 7 oz.


Usual: 4 hours

Longest: 7 hours

Naps: 2 Hours


Impossible statistic. Always wants food.

If you still haven't seen Jackson... just give me a text and come over! I'm almost always at either my house or Tyler's. Love you all!

Love, Randi Lynn

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jackson Tyler

Right now I'm finally finding time to blog about the most amazing thing that has happened lately to us. Our amazing little boy, Jackson Tyler, is finally here. He's taking a nap so I figured I would write a short blog for you all. So I had been having minor contractions for a week or so before. I had a doctors appointment on the 19th (two days after my due date) and was told I had barely dilated and was going to be induced on Monday. I was pretty upset about this because of how excited I was for him to finally be here. That night, however, I started having strong contractions that kept me up all night. The next day, my mom decided to take me to Orem to go shopping (walking around really helps with labor and contraction pains). I come home and time the contractions to find they are around 7 1/2 minutes apart. I go over to visit Tyler and relax. Everytime he saw I was in pain, he would look at the clock and soon we found they were coming every 5 minutes or so. While talking to him and his mom, my water breaks... weird freaking feeling. Tyler and I go for a walk around the block to help me feel better. Just to make sure, we packed our bags and headed to hospital (almost 7 pm). Perfect timing. I had dilated to a 4 which put me into active labor and my water had indeed broken. (which is really good cause i heard that being induced really really sucks). I had to wait an hour for the epidural to come... but that was so worth it. All the pain stopped, it was amazing. The crappy thing is is when you go into labor, you cant eat or drink. The only thing you can have are ice chips. So I was getting hungry and thirsty. They told me the minute the baby got here, I could have a coke. Best motivation ever haha. The doctor came to check me and said that I would probably be able to start pushing at 1 and would have the baby here around 3. Well this is the part I'm freaking proud of. I was dilated to a 10 a little after 11:30 and was able to start. They told me it could take an hour or two to get him out... I did it in 35 minutes and not one scream or peep. Hell yeah. Let me tell ya, those swimmer abs and lungs freaking helped a ton. So then at 1:13 in the morning, he was born. Super super cone headed and barely cried. The nurse wasn't kidding when she said I could have a coke right after. She brought it in soon after they handed me the baby. I handed him to Tyler and started drinking the coke. haha. We had two names picked for the baby, Matthew or Jackson. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was a Jackson. Tyler thought the same thing. So Jackson Tyler Rasmussen it was.

At first he had problems eating. Then we got this weird bottle thing (picture of it on facebook) that had these tubes that taped to my finger which he sucked on. It sucked cause it took so long for him to eat, but atleast he was eating. Then we saw a doctor that gave us this plastic nipple shield or whatnot and now he is actually breastfeeding. Its so nice. No more packing everything up when we go anywhere.

But now he is better than ever. He has the best facial expressions and funniest noises. He loves having his fists in his face (which kinda is a pain in the butt when it comes to feeding him). He is really strong and can already lift his head. He is really curious and looks around a lot with his cute shifty eyes. He looks just like his daddy, but with my nose and kinda my eye shape. Daddy can always calm him down, I think it's his big arms, they hold him so nicely.

Sorry if this was too much, I don't know how much i'll be able to blog anymore with the little one now. But I'll try. I'll really try to update for the people I barely see. I love you guys. Thanks for all the help and love so far. If you want to come see Jackson, just text or call me. (and if i don't answer your calls, i'm really sorry. if i'm busy i'm usually no where near my phone or its on silent while i attempt to sleep)

Much love. Randi, Tyler, & Jackson

Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Update

Since pretty much the only thing going on in my life right now is Tyler and our amazing little boy on his way... there isn't too much to blog about other than them. Last night, we finally really narrowed down names that we both like. Here are the two: Jackson Tyler or Matthew James. We liked the name Matthew before and then we found out that the lead singer from Muse is also Matthew... so that was a reason it is now in the top two. hahaha.

I had my second baby shower yesterday. Now we have SO much stuff and just about everything we need. My parents' friend brought up a small crib to put in my room. All the clothes, blankets, and two boppy pillows i got fill up the crib. We put the diapers and wipes underneath. It's quite an impressive amount... I just hope they will last atleast a month, haha.

Both the baby and I are doing great. I've been getting lightheaded more, but apparently I just need to drink more water (didn't even think that was possible). And it's getting harder to walk around or stand for a long period of time. My feet and knees just love this pregnancy thing... not. At my last check up last week they found out that I hadn't gained any weight since the check up two weeks before, but they measured my belly and aren't concerned cause he's growing fine and I gained a lot of weight before (I'm at 130 pounds... and let me tell you what... it's ALL in my bottom haha).

Tyler has been helping me with everything. Like getting up cause my abs are really hard to use and letting me relax because I'm always so freaking tired. He bought the baby his first pair of vans (he got matching ones but in blue) and a cute outfit. He's going to be such a good daddy. :)

Oh, here is the one thing of bad news. So we were planning on getting a tuxedo onesie for Morgan's wedding which would be around a week after he's supposed to be here. My mom and I talked about it and she said that because of this weak immune system, that he shouldn't be around large amounts of people or he could get really sick. So he won't be able to show off his amazing cuteness at her wedding, which is sad. We were both pretty excited about that. Damn.

Anyway, I guess I'll stop here. I'm just really excited and all. Thank you guys for your support and love for us. :) We really appreciate it. We'll try to keep you updated, specially because he is bound to be here in less than a month now.
Love you all. Randi Lynn & Tyler & Baby

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby :)

May 17th 2010
Randi & Tyler's little boy :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank God for Braces.

So my mom got the pictures of my sister's before braces from the orthodontist. That reminded her that she still had mine. Dear lord. I would be embarrassed, but I'm not cause I have amazing looking teeth now. I had to go through a lot of oral surgeries to even be able to get the braces on. I have either two or four adult teeth missing because I simply didn't have enough room in my mouth for them. After three years (they originally told me I would only have them for a year and a half) I got them off. Best day ever. Here are the before and after pictures...Let's just say... Thank God for Braces.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Super Senior" Coach

Since starting coaching the high school swim team, Tyler has often called me a super senior. Haha. Oh well... I loved every minute of coaching them. I'm actually thinking that if we're living up here next year that I'll do it again. State was this past weekend and boy was it amazing. The goal was to get the boys to finally take it since Ogden, the competition the past 2 years, had moved to 4A and for the girls to take second since there was no way of catching Judge. Guess what school bumped down our goal? Freaking Park City. Let me tell ya, they were not happy at all that we took region so easily. Pissed off is a better description actually. But even though we didn't achieve the goal, they had amazing swims. 4 state champions. 4 school records. (Both my backstroke and medley record stand) 8 times that made the All Wasp Team. 55 personal bests. This came to a grand total of 522 pushups for the coaches. Although if the boys would have won that would have given us 500 more pushups, along with the girls getting second would have given us 500. If you are interested in individual results, click here. Kiristin came really close to my record of 1:08.07 with a 1:08.80. She'll be time trailing that this weekend for one more chance at it along with the medley relay since they weren't going strong in it at state.
Anyway, that's pretty much it. Love you guys.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Entertainment

Having one of those days? Just need a laugh or maybe even just a little entertainment? Well you're in luck, cause I turned my poem blog into a blog of just my random mind trying to help you on those kind of days. I get bored and want to share my random things with you. So this blog will be kept as my "journal" type thing to you and the other one is just going to be random and fun. So go ahead and click the link under "Blogs I Read" in the column to the right of my entries.
Enjoy :) Randi

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Longer Blind

Yep, That's right. I have glasses. Nice and nerdy I like to think. But hey... I can finally see. I love it. I dunno if I'm gonna get contacts, if I do... that's in future. I don't have to wear my glasses a lot, just when I need to see farther away. Anyway, that's pretty much all. Love you guys. Randi Lynn :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eyeballs... Too advanced

Tonight I went to the region pasta party at the Brown's amazing home. I had a wonderful time until the part I was taking two of the swimmers home. All was going well until we started talking about how everyone is a genetic mutation. My sister brought up that blue eyes is a huge mutation because our ape decedents and monkeys now didn't/don't have blue eyes themselves. One of the kids I was taking home seriously argued that we couldn't have come from apes. Not one little single ounce in him believed in evolution. Yes, I've heard some believe in Adam and Eve and then evoltion happening after them... that's understandable I suppose. After telling him that, hey... yeah the scientists haven't found SO much evidence... not. This was his response... "Evolution couldn't have happened because the eyeball is so advanced. Only God could have created something so advanced." Wow.

I know some of you are just thinking I'm being anti-religion or whatnot. Think what you must... I don't force you to read my blog. It's really quite incredible how much this is bugging me though. This kid is the son of some pastor to some religion (he got mad when I called him a Mormon...) he has been "brainwashed" by his parents to believe what THEY believe. I love that my parents have told me about the religions they grew up with (Dad-Catholic, Mom-Mormon.) and have never forced me into anything like grandparents did to them. I am able to believe what I want to believe and nothing else.

So I hope when you have children and they ask you about God and that sort of stuff that you not tell them "this is what happened" but "this is what we believe". I hope you let your kids have the freedom of believing what they will and that you don't judge them if it is different that your own. I also hope that you stay open minded... because maybe what you believe now will sound less and less true in the future.

That is all. I feel lots better now. I was so frustrated and tense but writing this helped a lot. I know that my kids won't turn out like the boy in the backseat of my car tonight and be heavily brainwashed. Just because I don't necessarily believe in religion doesn't mean that my kids will think the same...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

three wishes

  1. no more heartburn. experiencing it for the first time... and it really sucks.
  2. acquire lots of money so i can live happily ever after
  3. everything to work out beautifully.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

for baby sister.

I'm coaching the high school swim team. I love it. So much. If were a patient person, I would say that it's what I could do for a long time. (The pay kinda draws me to it too.) We went to St. George this weekend for two meets. My sister's last season is coming to an end and wants my backstroke record so badly. Her goal her freshman year was to be faster than me and now she's achieving it. Leo told me at the beginning of that season that she would be just because she is better built for swimming than I. Her 50 free came to a 27.01... my fastest that I ever got was a 27.69. Her next swim: 100 backstroke. Every time she hops into the pool to start the race, you can see her whisper to herself my record that stands unbroken. I love how dedicated she is to getting it. It amazes me. Without taper (rest to go the fastest of the season) she wasn't supposed to come close, but she pushed through this race with everything. She hits the pad and gets a 1:09.67... she doesn't break the 1:08.07 that I got last year... but drops three seconds and makes a new personal best. I'm left speechless on the other side of the pool with the other coaches. Tears of joy start filling my eyes. For the last few weeks I started doubting the possibilities of her breaking the record till now. I try to keep it together but all fails. Steve makes me run over to give her a hug. She stands with a huge smile and shaking from excitement, a feeling I think all swimmers can relate to. I turn her around and hug her as tears flow down my face. I cannot explain why or how I was so proud and amazed, but I was.

I know this was probably lame to read... sorry. But I've been kinda going through a stupid depression phase much like state last year when realizing it was all over. I miss swimming and everything about it. This helped me. It's hard to say to have a favorite while being a coach... but she is my favorite swimmer. No matter how much I say I hate her... I love her.

Thanks for reading if you really did. Most likely you're like Tyler and think I'm being over emotional and weird. But it's okay. My blog is like my journal... but a lot less private.
Love, Randi