Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Entertainment

Having one of those days? Just need a laugh or maybe even just a little entertainment? Well you're in luck, cause I turned my poem blog into a blog of just my random mind trying to help you on those kind of days. I get bored and want to share my random things with you. So this blog will be kept as my "journal" type thing to you and the other one is just going to be random and fun. So go ahead and click the link under "Blogs I Read" in the column to the right of my entries.
Enjoy :) Randi

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Longer Blind

Yep, That's right. I have glasses. Nice and nerdy I like to think. But hey... I can finally see. I love it. I dunno if I'm gonna get contacts, if I do... that's in future. I don't have to wear my glasses a lot, just when I need to see farther away. Anyway, that's pretty much all. Love you guys. Randi Lynn :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eyeballs... Too advanced

Tonight I went to the region pasta party at the Brown's amazing home. I had a wonderful time until the part I was taking two of the swimmers home. All was going well until we started talking about how everyone is a genetic mutation. My sister brought up that blue eyes is a huge mutation because our ape decedents and monkeys now didn't/don't have blue eyes themselves. One of the kids I was taking home seriously argued that we couldn't have come from apes. Not one little single ounce in him believed in evolution. Yes, I've heard some believe in Adam and Eve and then evoltion happening after them... that's understandable I suppose. After telling him that, hey... yeah the scientists haven't found SO much evidence... not. This was his response... "Evolution couldn't have happened because the eyeball is so advanced. Only God could have created something so advanced." Wow.

I know some of you are just thinking I'm being anti-religion or whatnot. Think what you must... I don't force you to read my blog. It's really quite incredible how much this is bugging me though. This kid is the son of some pastor to some religion (he got mad when I called him a Mormon...) he has been "brainwashed" by his parents to believe what THEY believe. I love that my parents have told me about the religions they grew up with (Dad-Catholic, Mom-Mormon.) and have never forced me into anything like grandparents did to them. I am able to believe what I want to believe and nothing else.

So I hope when you have children and they ask you about God and that sort of stuff that you not tell them "this is what happened" but "this is what we believe". I hope you let your kids have the freedom of believing what they will and that you don't judge them if it is different that your own. I also hope that you stay open minded... because maybe what you believe now will sound less and less true in the future.

That is all. I feel lots better now. I was so frustrated and tense but writing this helped a lot. I know that my kids won't turn out like the boy in the backseat of my car tonight and be heavily brainwashed. Just because I don't necessarily believe in religion doesn't mean that my kids will think the same...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

three wishes

  1. no more heartburn. experiencing it for the first time... and it really sucks.
  2. acquire lots of money so i can live happily ever after
  3. everything to work out beautifully.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

for baby sister.

I'm coaching the high school swim team. I love it. So much. If were a patient person, I would say that it's what I could do for a long time. (The pay kinda draws me to it too.) We went to St. George this weekend for two meets. My sister's last season is coming to an end and wants my backstroke record so badly. Her goal her freshman year was to be faster than me and now she's achieving it. Leo told me at the beginning of that season that she would be just because she is better built for swimming than I. Her 50 free came to a 27.01... my fastest that I ever got was a 27.69. Her next swim: 100 backstroke. Every time she hops into the pool to start the race, you can see her whisper to herself my record that stands unbroken. I love how dedicated she is to getting it. It amazes me. Without taper (rest to go the fastest of the season) she wasn't supposed to come close, but she pushed through this race with everything. She hits the pad and gets a 1:09.67... she doesn't break the 1:08.07 that I got last year... but drops three seconds and makes a new personal best. I'm left speechless on the other side of the pool with the other coaches. Tears of joy start filling my eyes. For the last few weeks I started doubting the possibilities of her breaking the record till now. I try to keep it together but all fails. Steve makes me run over to give her a hug. She stands with a huge smile and shaking from excitement, a feeling I think all swimmers can relate to. I turn her around and hug her as tears flow down my face. I cannot explain why or how I was so proud and amazed, but I was.

I know this was probably lame to read... sorry. But I've been kinda going through a stupid depression phase much like state last year when realizing it was all over. I miss swimming and everything about it. This helped me. It's hard to say to have a favorite while being a coach... but she is my favorite swimmer. No matter how much I say I hate her... I love her.

Thanks for reading if you really did. Most likely you're like Tyler and think I'm being over emotional and weird. But it's okay. My blog is like my journal... but a lot less private.
Love, Randi