Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank God for Braces.

So my mom got the pictures of my sister's before braces from the orthodontist. That reminded her that she still had mine. Dear lord. I would be embarrassed, but I'm not cause I have amazing looking teeth now. I had to go through a lot of oral surgeries to even be able to get the braces on. I have either two or four adult teeth missing because I simply didn't have enough room in my mouth for them. After three years (they originally told me I would only have them for a year and a half) I got them off. Best day ever. Here are the before and after pictures...Let's just say... Thank God for Braces.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Super Senior" Coach

Since starting coaching the high school swim team, Tyler has often called me a super senior. Haha. Oh well... I loved every minute of coaching them. I'm actually thinking that if we're living up here next year that I'll do it again. State was this past weekend and boy was it amazing. The goal was to get the boys to finally take it since Ogden, the competition the past 2 years, had moved to 4A and for the girls to take second since there was no way of catching Judge. Guess what school bumped down our goal? Freaking Park City. Let me tell ya, they were not happy at all that we took region so easily. Pissed off is a better description actually. But even though we didn't achieve the goal, they had amazing swims. 4 state champions. 4 school records. (Both my backstroke and medley record stand) 8 times that made the All Wasp Team. 55 personal bests. This came to a grand total of 522 pushups for the coaches. Although if the boys would have won that would have given us 500 more pushups, along with the girls getting second would have given us 500. If you are interested in individual results, click here. Kiristin came really close to my record of 1:08.07 with a 1:08.80. She'll be time trailing that this weekend for one more chance at it along with the medley relay since they weren't going strong in it at state.
Anyway, that's pretty much it. Love you guys.