Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Update

Since pretty much the only thing going on in my life right now is Tyler and our amazing little boy on his way... there isn't too much to blog about other than them. Last night, we finally really narrowed down names that we both like. Here are the two: Jackson Tyler or Matthew James. We liked the name Matthew before and then we found out that the lead singer from Muse is also Matthew... so that was a reason it is now in the top two. hahaha.

I had my second baby shower yesterday. Now we have SO much stuff and just about everything we need. My parents' friend brought up a small crib to put in my room. All the clothes, blankets, and two boppy pillows i got fill up the crib. We put the diapers and wipes underneath. It's quite an impressive amount... I just hope they will last atleast a month, haha.

Both the baby and I are doing great. I've been getting lightheaded more, but apparently I just need to drink more water (didn't even think that was possible). And it's getting harder to walk around or stand for a long period of time. My feet and knees just love this pregnancy thing... not. At my last check up last week they found out that I hadn't gained any weight since the check up two weeks before, but they measured my belly and aren't concerned cause he's growing fine and I gained a lot of weight before (I'm at 130 pounds... and let me tell you what... it's ALL in my bottom haha).

Tyler has been helping me with everything. Like getting up cause my abs are really hard to use and letting me relax because I'm always so freaking tired. He bought the baby his first pair of vans (he got matching ones but in blue) and a cute outfit. He's going to be such a good daddy. :)

Oh, here is the one thing of bad news. So we were planning on getting a tuxedo onesie for Morgan's wedding which would be around a week after he's supposed to be here. My mom and I talked about it and she said that because of this weak immune system, that he shouldn't be around large amounts of people or he could get really sick. So he won't be able to show off his amazing cuteness at her wedding, which is sad. We were both pretty excited about that. Damn.

Anyway, I guess I'll stop here. I'm just really excited and all. Thank you guys for your support and love for us. :) We really appreciate it. We'll try to keep you updated, specially because he is bound to be here in less than a month now.
Love you all. Randi Lynn & Tyler & Baby

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby :)

May 17th 2010
Randi & Tyler's little boy :)