Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jackson Tyler

Right now I'm finally finding time to blog about the most amazing thing that has happened lately to us. Our amazing little boy, Jackson Tyler, is finally here. He's taking a nap so I figured I would write a short blog for you all. So I had been having minor contractions for a week or so before. I had a doctors appointment on the 19th (two days after my due date) and was told I had barely dilated and was going to be induced on Monday. I was pretty upset about this because of how excited I was for him to finally be here. That night, however, I started having strong contractions that kept me up all night. The next day, my mom decided to take me to Orem to go shopping (walking around really helps with labor and contraction pains). I come home and time the contractions to find they are around 7 1/2 minutes apart. I go over to visit Tyler and relax. Everytime he saw I was in pain, he would look at the clock and soon we found they were coming every 5 minutes or so. While talking to him and his mom, my water breaks... weird freaking feeling. Tyler and I go for a walk around the block to help me feel better. Just to make sure, we packed our bags and headed to hospital (almost 7 pm). Perfect timing. I had dilated to a 4 which put me into active labor and my water had indeed broken. (which is really good cause i heard that being induced really really sucks). I had to wait an hour for the epidural to come... but that was so worth it. All the pain stopped, it was amazing. The crappy thing is is when you go into labor, you cant eat or drink. The only thing you can have are ice chips. So I was getting hungry and thirsty. They told me the minute the baby got here, I could have a coke. Best motivation ever haha. The doctor came to check me and said that I would probably be able to start pushing at 1 and would have the baby here around 3. Well this is the part I'm freaking proud of. I was dilated to a 10 a little after 11:30 and was able to start. They told me it could take an hour or two to get him out... I did it in 35 minutes and not one scream or peep. Hell yeah. Let me tell ya, those swimmer abs and lungs freaking helped a ton. So then at 1:13 in the morning, he was born. Super super cone headed and barely cried. The nurse wasn't kidding when she said I could have a coke right after. She brought it in soon after they handed me the baby. I handed him to Tyler and started drinking the coke. haha. We had two names picked for the baby, Matthew or Jackson. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was a Jackson. Tyler thought the same thing. So Jackson Tyler Rasmussen it was.

At first he had problems eating. Then we got this weird bottle thing (picture of it on facebook) that had these tubes that taped to my finger which he sucked on. It sucked cause it took so long for him to eat, but atleast he was eating. Then we saw a doctor that gave us this plastic nipple shield or whatnot and now he is actually breastfeeding. Its so nice. No more packing everything up when we go anywhere.

But now he is better than ever. He has the best facial expressions and funniest noises. He loves having his fists in his face (which kinda is a pain in the butt when it comes to feeding him). He is really strong and can already lift his head. He is really curious and looks around a lot with his cute shifty eyes. He looks just like his daddy, but with my nose and kinda my eye shape. Daddy can always calm him down, I think it's his big arms, they hold him so nicely.

Sorry if this was too much, I don't know how much i'll be able to blog anymore with the little one now. But I'll try. I'll really try to update for the people I barely see. I love you guys. Thanks for all the help and love so far. If you want to come see Jackson, just text or call me. (and if i don't answer your calls, i'm really sorry. if i'm busy i'm usually no where near my phone or its on silent while i attempt to sleep)

Much love. Randi, Tyler, & Jackson

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Leticia said...

Randi Lynn,

I am so proud of you. You are a champ! 35 minutes?! So impressive. I'm sure having your water break would be weird.. my mom says like wetting your pants? Weird. Someday, when, if you ever get time, I think it would be cool to hear about the pregnancy. Every woman's story is so different and (at least in my opinion) so interesting. Congratulations on being a new mom! You will do amazing. Best wishes to the Rasmussen family!


tyler said...

your timing is off....
doc said you'd start pushing at 3 and he'd be here at 5.
you started pushing at 1230 and he was born at 113. 45 minutes. haha

those are the facts. believe me, i was there. and not on massive amounts of drugs.

Jennifer said... amazing, all of it :)

Morgan said...

Ah, it's so incredible.